Naive congressmen, corrupt media, biased tech platforms and flawed voting undermine our way of life

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U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell’s venture into a Chinese spy’s honey trap, national media and Big Tech roles as co-conspirators in suppressing the pre-election Hunter Biden laptop story, and the mail-in voting debacle in several states demonstrate serious threats facing our country. Naive congressmen, corrupt media, biased tech platforms and flawed voting processes all undermine our way of life.

At the same time Swalwell was on MSNBC asserting that President Trump is an agent of the Russian government (“He’s working on behalf of the Russians, yes”), he was either an unwitting or willing dupe in the espionage efforts of Chinese spy Fang Fang. As we now know, there has never been substantive evidence of any collusion with Russia by President Trump. Contrarily, Swalwell’s service on the House Intelligence Committee, a position which provides him with classified briefings, raises alarm over the potential of a U.S. congressman to cause real national security damage and illustrates the extensive reach the Chinese have deep into the halls of Congress.

As an example of Big Media and Big Tech’s ongoing collusion, let us review the suppressed Hunter Biden news coverage. Several weeks prior to the election, the New York Post broke a major story connecting Hunter Biden to the Chinese conglomerate CEFC China Energy. Despite the compelling breadth and depth of detail in the story, Big Media clamped down intentionally, suppressing the story within its national circles. Of course, Big Tech further ensured that the story was kept under wraps as it censored, canceled, suspended or banned individual users who dared to share the credible story. Acting among many spokespersons for the cognoscenti, Terrence Samuel, NPR managing editor for news, stated, “We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories…and readers’ time on stories that are pure distractions.”  Not to miss an opportunity to regurgitate a new Russian hoax, the protectorate blamed the breaking story on “Russian disinformation” issued by Trump forces.

And yet, truth still matters.  It was officially announced last week that the Justice Department has Hunter Biden under criminal investigation for tax violations and other related issues, a scope of scrutiny which typically expands. The public is aware of the duplicity and hypocrisy. According to the latest Rasmussen Report, 52 percent of likely U.S. voters think many news organizations ignored the Hunter Biden story to help his father’s presidential campaign, and 56 percent believe it is likely that Joe Biden was consulted about, and perhaps profited from, his son’s overseas business deals. When the fourth estate lacks integrity, professionalism and any semblance of balance and fairness, we have a serious national problem. And when that same media elite collude with Tech giants Facebook and Twitter to censor individuals, our free speech is at risk.

Meanwhile, a major case led by Texas to challenge the results in four battleground states won by President-elect Biden was rejected by the Supreme Court. While avid Trump supporters are angry that the Supreme Court did not rule in favor of hearing the case, the decision is an expected approach by true conservative jurists. While the court’s liberal members frequently engage in judicial activism and focus on outcomes and policy prescriptions, the conservatives are guided by the Constitution, judicial restraint and objective processes. This grown-up approach to justice further demonstrates the danger of the radical left’s overreach in advocating court packing, as constitutionally guided decisions are issued by a conservative majority. The Supreme Court decision does not address or excuse several states’ irresponsible, flawed and, in several instances. fraudulent mail-in voting processes implemented just weeks prior to a national election. We should all insist upon complete election integrity and agree that every hint of irregularities be fully investigated and addressed.

The experiment of encouraging and accepting tens of millions of mail-in ballots opens a wide new world of potential fraud and corruption. For the states that do it right, such as Florida, it is simply not fair for other states to potentially disenfranchise our honest votes by counting illegal votes elsewhere. Yes, the decision is up to the individual states, but certainly we can come together state by state and agree on best practices and full transparency for the good of our republic.

I close with a special thanks from Florida to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The governor’s stringent lockdown policies, coupled with his stifling taxes on wealth and productivity, have led to a large influx of new residents to our no-income tax Sunshine State. The Wall Street Journal editorial stated it perfectly, “Soaking the wealthy will cause more to flee to no-income tax Florida, where restaurants and even Disney World are still open, and there are fewer per-capita new Covid-19 cases than in New York.” Welcome to Florida, and kudos to Gov. Cuomo for helping to ensure the exodus!

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