Barwin to offer City terms and cost of his departure

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Sarasota City Manager Tom Barwin has laid out the terms and the cost, which could be more than $82,000 if he steps down in the near future.

The issue arose following the recent election after newly-elected Vice Mayor Erik Arroyo discussed Barwin’s future with the City two weeks ago.

In that discussion, Barwin agreed to present a retirement scenario at the Dec. 7 commission meeting.

If Barwin retires on Dec. 7, he would earn up to 20 weeks in benefits and he proposes more than $82,000 in compensation.

Barwin offers not to sue the City for any lost wages or damages or for any reason connected to his employment with the City. Barwin arrived at the payout amount by calling for 20 weeks of salary that would start Jan. 1, 2020 and would continue until the end of May. The payout proposed by Barwin, is the maximum allowed under state law.

The City would be called upon to defend or indemnify Barwin from any liability that could arise out of his employment as City Manager. Barwin was hired to lead the City in Sept. 2012, and has off and on brought criticism from the commission for his management style and decisions.

Most recently Barwin was faulted when commissioners learned of a pair of harassment complaints in the City Manager’s office through the media and Barwin failed to inform them directly. Barwin has also been criticized for his handling of Sarasota Orchestra’s relocation plan, his handling of the Lido Beach Pavillion bid process, as well as under his watch of Mote Marine Aquarium’s plan to move out of the City.

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