Our national election and its chaotic aftermath highlight distrust, division and unethical institutions

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The national election and its chaotic aftermath further demonstrate that America is practically evenly split along partisan and cultural lines, and being torn apart by unethical institutions.  It also has become clear that the national media, most polling organizations and major social media platforms are biased, untrustworthy and, in some cases, unscrupulous. These organizations bear significant culpability for the divide, and for the deep mistrust which much of the American public has in prominent institutions.

The national media has justifiably lost the trust of Americans. Gallup, which has been tracking public views of the media for almost 50 years, reports that in 1972, 68 percent of the public trusted the media. Today, an overwhelming majority have very little or no trust in the media. Only 15 percent of Republicans now trust the media. National coverage of Republican presidents has been negative since Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were in office, but today’s relentless, vitriolic coverage of President Trump has been arrogant, unprofessional, and damaging to the social fabric of our nation. President Trump self-inflicts some of this damage, but there is staggering negative coverage of the President and Republican candidates and principles. News reporting should inform, not influence; tell all sides of every story rather than advance selective views; and adhere to objectivity, not subjectivity.

And what of Facebook and Twitter? These two companies indisputably censor freedom of expression by points of view against which they are biased. The Big Tech leaders and their dutiful employees act as omnipotent deities as they censor a highly credible New York Post article on the Biden family connection to Chinese conglomerate CEFC, multiple analytical articles by the Federalist,  almost daily tweets from the President, and a  litany of other conservative posts and  data points. At the same time, the mullahs of Iran can continue to post hateful and threatening messages against Israel.

This brings us to our notoriously erroneous and misleading polling class. It is not far-fetched to ponder whether the drum beat of dismal polls for the President broadly carried by media cohorts could  have discouraged a mere 21,000 voters in Wisconsin or 44,000 voters in Arizona — the current margins of victory for former Vice President Biden in these states, respectively. . A few crucial days prior to the election, ABC/Washington Post released their poll showing Vice President Biden leading President Trump by 19 points in Wisconsin. The current margin is less than 1 percent. The CNN poll broadly released a week before the election showed President Trump down by 12 points nationally. The current margin is about 2 percent.

Despite supportive efforts by the national media, most polling organizations, and Big Tech, the radical left suffered a major setback in the election. Big liberal donors funneled a whopping $500 million into mostly unsuccessful Senate races, while self-righteous Mr. Bloomberg poured $100 million into a losing investment in Florida. Clearly, these mega-rich liberal donors failed on multiple fronts. The radical left had grand plans to pack the Supreme Court, add U.S. Senators by legislative fiat, abolish charter schools, eliminate cash bail, repeal Right to Work laws, establish a Reparations Commission, implement both the Green New Deal and Medicare for All, and raise taxes. Peggy Noonan perfectly summarizes the left’s agenda, “The progressive left endorses and pushes for…an abortion regime way beyond anything reasonable or civilized and on which it will make no compromise…it sees the police as the enemy…its declared hopes range from court packing to doing away with the electoral college…The left is animated by a spirit of historical vandalism seen most lately in the ‘1619 Project’ and the attitudes it represents.” Instead of implementing its agenda, the left now likely will be required to go contend with Mitch McConnell and the loss of Democratic House seats, which ideally positions the Republicans to recapture the chamber in 2022. America once again rejected radical progressivism, and here in Florida, Cuban and Venezuelan-Americans spoke loudly through their votes and experiences as they rejected any lurch toward Socialism.

From the results at this point — a divided government — it would seem the public yearns for sensible, reasonable policy approaches; respect for traditional cultural norms; and an appreciation of American values and history. In this time of global pandemic, Americans also seek common sense solutions to protect vulnerable populations from COVID while safely reopening our economy.  The ultimate winner of the presidential election has a mandate to calm, unify and unite. The national media, Big Tech and most major polling organizations need a sweeping overhaul and a profound rebuke from the American public. This cabal are performing a national disservice. And hopefully the radical left will follow their predecessors into “the ash heap of history.”

Gregory Rusovich is CEO, Transoceanic Development. He has chaired numerous Boards dedicated to economic development, international trade and criminal justice. He is a graduate of Tulane University and lives with his wife Suzanne in New Orleans and Longboat Key.

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  1. Roger says:

    I’m guessing you still love the Rupert Murdoch wing of the media. Unless you’re still upset with them calling Arizona. Ooh, the RADICAL LEFT is coming to get us. Antifa at the gates. Abortion going from legal to mandatory. Everyone is so mean to Republican Presidents! Mega donors bad. Except if they’re Kochs. Social Media labeling lies as lies, ignoring “credible” reporting from the NY Post. Even the Wall Street Journal, the grown up wing of the Murdoch Empire, wouldn’t touch the story. Makes you soooo very angry.
    Those “radical progressives”, over the last 80 years, have pushed policies like the Voting Rights Act, The Civil Rights Act, the Americans With Disabilities Act. Now they want everyone to have access to affordable health care, social justice and affordable higher education for all those that want it. They want someone who works full time to make enough money to support a family without government assistance. Whether that person works at McDonalds or Transoceanic Development. Oh, the horror. Where does it end?
    The “radical regressives” on the right have objected to progress on social justice issues at every opportunity. Peggy Noonan gets her scary talking points from Murdoch. Now, they are trying to overturn the will of the people in the Presidential election. The only thing chaotic about the aftermath of the election is the “stop the steal” fraud perpetrated by Trump and his lackeys. The author still can’t say Biden won. Just “the ultimate winner”.
    Your guy lost. Get over it.

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