Longboat leaders to weigh resident-only parking plan

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The Longboat Key Town Commission will discuss and consider a draft of a resident-only parking permit program for the Longbeach Village on the north end of the island.

Last June, the Town Commission reached consensus to prepare the new regulations that would establish an area where only Longbeach Village residents will be allowed to park.

The move to enact the resident-only parking program comes from the urging of residents who have said for years that the Village has been overrun with visitors to the Mar Vista and Shore Restaurant utilizing almost all of the available public parking on a nightly basis. The residents spoke of safety issues in terms of ambulances and fire trucks navigating congested roadways and especially stressed that the Village is residentially-zoned and the commercial uses are simply leaking into the quiet enjoyment of their property.

The resident only parking program would apply to the Village in general excluding the publicly available parking on the sides of Broadway Street and Lois Avenue, which abut the two restaurants that are located on the east end of Broadway.

If adopted, holders of the parking permits would have to still adhere to all the traffic and parking regulations such as the prohibition on overnight parking as well as observing intersection setbacks, restricted areas, and other stipulations. Town staff is proposing permit types that include:

• A resident parking permit that would be affixed to the vehicle, with one permit allowed to be purchased per property or residential unit. The rationale is the assumption that most properties have parking on-site.

• The other type of permit would be a Guest Parking Permit, which would be a reusable placard that would be available for the resident to provide their guests throughout the year. As drafted, the ordinance or rules would allow one guest parking permit per residential unit.

• The final contemplated type of permit would be a Temporary Parking Permit, which a resident could purchase for special private events such as a party at their house. As drafted, there is no limit to the number of these type of permits that could be purchased per residential unit.

In order to purchase any permit, the property owner would be required to provide proof of residency.

If the commission moves forward with the ordinance, which it is due to consider at its Sept. 29 workshop, then an additional task will be adopting a separate resolution to establish fees for the permit types.

If the issue moves forward, it is slated for a first reading in November and if passed would be scheduled for adoption at the Commission’s Dec. 7 regular meeting.

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