Town seeks 150% spike in parking fines

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Getting a parking ticket on Longboat Key could soon cost two-and-a-half times more than it does today.

Longboat Key Police Chief Pete Cumming and Deputy Chief Frank Rubino advised the Town Manager Tom Harmer that parking fines should increase from $30 to $75 per violation.

Longboat’s top cops say that over the past six months, the Town has been impacted and seen an increase in illegal parking as a result of the Covid pandemic. They say the impact in part has been the result of beachgoers coming onto Longboat Key from Anna Maria Island communities, where beaches and parking have been restricted.

The Town’s current parking fine of $30 was last increased in 2014. Cumming and Rubino surveyed area municipalities and found that Venice charges $30; City of Sarasota charges $35; Holmes Beach charges $50 and Bradenton Beach charges $75 for parking violations.

Based on their review, the two recommend the fine for parking in time-restricted areas, unlawful parking and parking in handicap spots be increased from $30 to $75.

The new ordinance also seeks to change the process to violators either paying the fine or requesting a hearing before a Sarasota or Manatee County Judge or magistrate.

The police department is ready to have new parking citations printed and the required computer tracking systems are ready to be implemented.

The Town Commission will consider these new ticket prices and the ordinance will be voted on at a first reading on Sept. 14. Staff recommends the ordinance be forwarded then to a second reading for final approval on Oct. 5.

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