A beach is born on South Lido

The contractor has been busy pumping recycled sand since late July, helping to widen and fortify the southern two miles of Lido Beach.

Crews are working their way north up the shoreline from the staging area in Ted Sperling Park, most recently approaching the Ritz-Carlton Beach Club. They are expected to conclude this portion of the work in late October at a location near the Lido Key Beach Recreation Trail at the north end of the public beach, with the construction of groins to follow.

Beachgoers should be mindful of the temporary fencing that is erected to close off sections of the beach where construction activities are taking place.

Areas south of the current work zone will continue to be opened to the public as they are completed, and pedestrian sand access ramps over the dredge pipeline have been installed for use by the public.

This U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project is providing a barrier to protect residences, infrastructure and beach wildlife says the City.

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