On Patrol Longboat Key – Week ending July 24, 2020

The following are actual police reports as written by Longboat Key Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

July 18


10:15 a.m.

Officer Bergeron responded to the area of the 2000 block of GMD. The caller who wished no contact advised that there was a birthday party on the beach in front of the condominium. Officer Bergeron responded to the location and checked the rear of the resort. Officer Bergeron did not observe any birthday party. Officer Bergeron observed several families enjoying the beach and water. All were practicing social distancing to the best of their abilities. Officer Bergeron tried to contact the caller, but the call went to voice mail. Case clear.



2:45 p.m.

Officer Bergeron observed a blue vehicle parked in the entrance to the old Colony property. He observed a male subject with a fishing pole walking back towards the car from the property. The male subject then exited through an opening in the fence just near the posted “No trespassing sign private property.” Officer Bergeron made contact with the subject, identified via DAVID. Officer Bergeron advised the man that he was trespassing on private property and that no one is to be on the property or parked. He advised that he didn’t realize, apologized and left.



4:15 p.m.

Officer Nazareno and Officer Smith were dispatched to Penfield Street for a report of trespassing. While en route, Officer Smith observed a black Jeep with a male wearing a blue shirt driving and a female wearing a white tank top in the passenger seat. Officer Smith did not see where the vehicle had pulled out from, and had not read the dispatch notes while driving to the location. Officer Smith wrote down the Florida tag and proceeded to the location. Upon arrival, Officer Nazareno and Officer Smith made an exterior check of the residence and found nothing suspicious. Officer Smith made contact with the caller, and he sent the video from his security system. Upon watching the video, Officer Smith observed the two subjects that he had seen in the black Jeep on General Harris were the same subjects on the video. On the video the subjects approached the door, then observed the video camera and walked away. Officer Smith made a check of LINK and D.A.V.I.D. and was able to locate the female passenger’s name and address. A check of LINK showed the male mentioned subject was arrested in March of 2020 for domestic by Longboat Key. Other than traffic citations no other criminal activity showed on the return from LINK. Attempts to make contact with the female passenger at her residence met with negative results. A copy of the video has been attached to this report. Officers will attempt to make contact on 07/19/2020, to determine why the subjects were on the property. Made contact with the two mentioned subjects, and it was indicated that the property shows pre-foreclosure. The female mentioned stated they were looking at the property for an investment opportunity. Officer Smith informed that the property owner does not want them on the property, and they were being issued a verbal warning for trespass. The female subject indicated she they would not return to the property. A written trespass warning could not be issued due to the caller not being present in the Town of Longboat Key.


Found property

9:20 p.m.

Officer Martinson was dispatched to the Police Department on a call of Found Property. Remarks in the call stated the caller was in the front lobby with a wallet he had found. Upon arrival there was no one in the front lobby of the Police Station. Officer Martinson called the caller back and he stated he was able to get in contact with the owner. Officer Martinson stated he was on his way to meet the owner at his hotel and give him his wallet back. Case Clear.


Suspicious incident

9:36 p.m.

Officer Nagell was dispatched to a reckless driving call in progress in the 5900 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. The caller advised that the vehicle was tailgating and possible following them. Dispatch updated the call and advised that the caller and the second vehicle turned into Emerald harbor. The caller told dispatch that there were possibly two male subjects in a blue BMW convertible. As Officer Nagell approached the area, dispatch advised that the caller had turned northbound and the vehicle had turned south bound. At that time, Officer Nagell observed the above listed vehicle and conducted an investigative stop on the vehicle. Officer Nagell made contact with a white male driver and asked if he had been involved in an issue on the roadway. He denied any issues and Officer Nagell explained the reason for the stop and apologized for any inconvenience and told him he was free to go. Officer Nagell then made contact with the complainant who related that beginning on Gulf Drive South a blue convertible BMW had been tailgating her, her husband and children as they drove south. The BMW then passed them and slammed on its brakes on the Longboat Pass Bridge. Her husband who was driving flashed his high beams at the vehicle, which pulled off the roadway in the area of Broadway and allowed them to pass. The BMW then began following them after “Flipping the Bird” to them. She continued that she became very concerned for her children and called the police. She was unable to identify any of the occupants except to say they were a man and possible woman. She did not wish to take the matter any further and thanked Officer Nagell for contacting her. Case closed nothing further.


July 19

Jumping from bridge

3:51 p.m.

Officer Bergeron responded to the Longboat Pass Bridge in regard to juveniles jumping from the bridge. The caller advised that there were 2 male juveniles and 2 female juveniles. Upon Officer Bergeron’s arrival, he observed several juveniles on the bridge, but they all were dry and did not appear they had been in the water. Officer Bergeron asked them if they had seen anyone jumping off the bridge. They advised no. Officer Bergeron checked the area and parked at the end of the bridge near North Shore Road. While there, Officer Bergeron observed a white male approximately 12 yeas of age looking over the edge of the bridge. Officer Bergeron then saw what appeared to be a subject climbing on to the bridge from ground level. He made contact with that juvenile who said he was from Tennessee. Officer Bergeron advised him that not only is it illegal to jump from the bridge it was extremely dangerous to do so. Officer Bergeron advised him that if this continued he would contact his parents and issue citations. He apologized and walked down the bridge. It should be noted the caller did not wish to be contacted.


July 20

Wanted person

6:33 p.m.

Officer Ascencio received an alert from the camera on a wanted person. The alert showed a 2014 red Chevy Camaro with the owner outstanding warrant. Officer Ascencio confirmed the warrant through NCIC/FCIC. The warrant was for Disclosure of having a wire, oral or electronic communication docket. Officer Ascencio found the vehicle in the 6300 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive and conducted a traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle was the owner. Officer Ascencio then placed her into handcuffs, double locked behind her back and escorted her to the backseat of the vehicle. The driver stated her passenger could take control of her vehicle. A release of liability was signed by the driver. The driver also turned over several pieces of jewelry to the passenger. The driver was taken to the police station for completion of paperwork and then driven to the Manatee County Jail.


Unlocked door

11:31 p.m.

Officer Puccio while conducting nightly business security checks, discovered the north side sliding door to 210 Gulf of Mexico Drive unsecured. Upon the discovery, Officer Puccio and Sergeant Cooper conducted an interior and exterior check of the business which all appeared normal with no signs of foul play or forced entry present. The

unsecured door was unable to be secured and no key holder was available via dispatch and a business card left with a report case number.


July 21

Suspicious incident

9:49 p.m.

Officer Hodo was dispatched to the 2600 Harbourside Drive in reference to a suspicious incident. Officer Hodo arrived and contacted the complainant. The complainant stated that she was walking through the parking lot area near the boats and observed a white male approximately 5’9”, heavy build apparently walking behind her. The complainant stated that she became concerned and went to the restaurant to call police to make a report. The complainant stated that the w/m was also in a red in color vehicle parked in the parking lot. The complainant stated that the w/m person made no comments to her during this incident. Officers checked the area and see Officer Puccio supplement report. Officer Hodo transported the complainant to her residence front guard gate per her request. At this time, Officer Hodo conducted no further investigation.

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