On Patrol Longboat Key – Week ending July 17, 2020

The following are actual police reports as written by Longboat Key Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

July 11

Suspicious incident

10:10 a.m.

Upon arrival, Officer Ascencio spoke to the complainant who stated that a black pick-up truck, did drive north on Poinsetta and knocked over a portable town sign (20 MPH). Officer Ascencio asked the complainant if he was able to get a license plate number, and from what state. He did state it was unknown. Also, complainant did not know make, model, cab type, chrome, etc. of pick-up truck. Complainant also did not know direction the truck went. Officer Ascencio inspected town sign. It appeared to be in fine condition. Officer Ascencio did pick up and place in designated area of road.


Snake near pool

10:21 a.m.

Officer Tillman responded to a reported snake near the pool at a residence. Upon arrival Officer Tillman spoke with the complainant who stated that she saw a snake near her pool and wanted to know if it was poisonous. The snake was described as mostly yellow with black rings. Officer Tillman observed the snake beside the pool in which did not seem to be moving. Upon further investigation it was determined that the snake was actually a non-poisonous wooden yard ornament.


No parking

2:09 p.m.

Officer Martinson was working the Greer Island beach detail when there was a call of a parking complaint in the parking lot of the apartments located at North Shore Road. Remarks stated there was a Blue Nissan SUV parked unattended in front of a unit near no parking signs that was not a guest or resident of the apartment complex. Officer Martinson spoke with the caller over the phone and introduced himself. Officer Martinson asked her if the vehicle was parked in a parking lot on private property and she told the officer that it was. Officer Martinson advised her that since the vehicle was parked in a private parking lot she would need to contact the apartment building’s management to have the vehicle towed.


Mask ordinance

2:26 p.m.

Officer Tillman responded to a report of a person having a question regarding the recent mandatory masks recently passed in Longboat Key. Officer Tillman explained that the mandatory mask is required only if a 6-foot social distancing cannot be maintained. All information was gathered by phone. Case Status Closed.


Near drowning

2:27 p.m.

Officer Connors while on marine patrol in the area of Jewfish Key, was dispatched to the North West side of Jewfish Key for a report of a 16-year-old Hispanic male, who was found floating face down in approximately 2-3 feet of water and was unresponsive. Officer Connors, along with the Manatee Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit and U.S. Coast Guard Station Cortez were all in the immediate area and responded to the location. Upon arrival, Officer Connors was advised that an off-duty police Sergeant from Plant City PD had pulled the male party from the water, began CPR, and was assisted by two nurses. Furthermore, Officer Connors was advised that the victim began to show signs of life; pulse, vomiting, and movement. The victim was quickly transported to the Manatee Sheriff’s Office Marine Vessel, where he was being cared by Bradenton Beach Lifeguards, and transported to the Coquina Boat Ramp. Officer Connors assisted the parents of the child to the boat ramp via marine vessel. Prior to clearing the scene, the child was able to make a verbal response to questions from medical personnel.


July 12

Disabled vehicle

7:05 a.m.

While on routine patrol along the 3800 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive, Officer Horan came across a disabled vehicle, a Toyota Camry. Officer Horan did speak to the owner, who stated he was out of gas. Officer Horan ask if the man had a phone, he replied he did not. Officer Horan called dispatch, and pushed the disabled vehicle on the side of the road. Dispatch was able to reach a rotation wrecker, who came to the scene. Officer Ascencio and Officer Horan remained on scene with disabled vehicle until wrecker arrived. Officers informed wrecker what situation was with the driver.


Jet ski overturned

4:56 p.m.

While on marine patrol in the area of the Longboat Pass Bridge, Officer Connors came upon an overturned jet ski, with three occupants in the water, all wearing life jackets. Bradenton Beach lifeguards were quick to respond from the beach area and were able to assist the occupants to shore. Officer Connors was able to get a hold of the jet ski and assist it to the Coquina boat ramp. All parties advised they were uninjured and did not need medical attention.


Suspicious incident

8:22 p.m.

Officer Puccio was dispatched to 2900 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in reference to a prowler call at the incident location involving two individuals looking into the front door by the listed complainant who was on vacation and received the alert on his phone. Upon arrival, Officer Puccio and Sergeant David Cooper made contact with the two individuals in question who were looking at the wrong residence for sale. The two individuals were given the wrong address by their realtor and apologized for the confusion. Sergeant Cooper contacted the listed complainant by telephone and explained the situation occurring at his residence. Nothing further to report.


Tent on beach

9:41 p.m.

Officer Puccio was dispatched to the beach access located at 7055 Gulf of Mexico Drive in reference to a tent and beach articles left on the beach. Sergeant Cooper made contact with the complainant via telephone and advised him that the beach was open until 11 p.m. and that the owner of the tent may be returning to retrieve their property. Sgt. Cooper advised the complainant that officers would make a check after 11 p.m. when the beach is closed per Town of Longboat Key posted hours. At 11:40 p.m. Officer Puccio and Sergeant Cooper proceeded out to the incident location and located the left beach articles which were tagged with a Town of Longboat Key Code Violation notice. Additionally, Officer Puccio sent an email to LBK Front Desk Officer Ivan Zunz to contact LBK Code Enforcement in reference to this case for follow up. Nothing further to report.


July 13

Possible sink hole

5:55 p.m.

Officer Nazareno responded to the 3100 block of Bayou Sound at the request of LBK FD for a possible sink hole on the street. Upon arrival, Officer Nazareno was advised by LBK Firefighters that a work vehicle was parked and the right rear tire area suddenly sank into the ground. The operator of the vehicle was working outside the vehicle when the incident occurred and reported no injuries. The vehicle sustained minor damage on the right rear tire and was drivable. The operator of the vehicle made arrangements for the vehicle to be pulled off the sink hole. LBK Public Works was notified by the LBK FD Supervisor on scene. Officer Nazareno remained on scene until relieved by the night shift.


July 14

Noise complaint

12:33 a.m.

Officer Nagell was dispatched to a hotel for a noise complaint involving subjects talking loudly in one of the rooms. Upon Officer Nagell’s arrival he noted that the complainant only gave his first name, and did not wish to be contacted. Officer Nagell located the room on the South side of the complex. Officer Nagell stood outside the door listening and did not hear any raised voices or excessive noise that would rise to the level of disturbing. Officer Nagell made contact with the mentioned party and advised them of the complaint. The subject apologized and stated that he did not think they were making too much noise but would tell the others in his party to keep the conversation lower. Case closed.


Suspicious person

10:05 a.m.

Officer Nazareno was dispatched to 5500 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive for a suspicious person call in which a male subject was carrying a device and claimed to be checking the gas meter. The caller stated that the subject was driving a white Jeep Cherokee with “Heath Consultants” on the side decal and was last seen traveling northbound on Gulf of Mexico Drive. During Officer Nazareno’s area canvass, he observed the vehicle at 6000 Gulf of Mexico Drive and made contact with the subject. The male subject stated that he works for Heath Consultants, a company contracted with TECO to conduct gas meter readings on Longboat Key. The subject presented Officer Nazareno with work ID Badge and the vehicle was marked. The subject also stated that he was followed around by another male subject when he was conducting the gas reading at the 5500 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Sgt. Smith made contact with the complainant via cell phone and was advised that the subject showed his work identification when he was asked what he was doing outside the restaurant. The subject did not require units to respond.

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