Commission to discuss resident-only parking plan

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At Monday’s June 15 workshop, Town Commissioners will listen to Village residents and Town Staff regarding what additional measures should be taken to restrict parking in the Village.

The Longbeach Village Association has advocated for resident-only permit parking along the public roadways of the Village, in an effort to mitigate the parking problem along the roadways due to visitors using the beach access and patrons for the restaurants.

In the past year, the Longboat Key Town Commission has adopted two parking ordinances for the Village, the first one in June 2019 and the second in January 2020.

The ordinances include changes such as requiring a 15-foot setback from private driveways on Broadway, lowered traffic speed limit to 20 mph, prohibited parking on certain alleys, prohibited parking within 50 feet of intersections on Broadway, prohibited parking on multiple side streets, prohibited overnight parking on certain streets, and limited 3-day parking on other streets that allow overnight parking, and prohibited use of public parking spaces by private valet operators for restaurants.

Town staff will offer solutions to the Village parking issues to the Town Commission on Monday. Possible solutions include a resident-only parking permit program, time-limited public parking program with 2-hour time limit, a paid public parking program, a plan which would include elements of the resident-only parking program mixed with paid parking and time limited parking, and the possibility of a district that could include gated access to residents.

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  1. Chicklet LBK says:

    The town has a few nice restaurants, which they approved. If they hate the people who visit them so much, why’d they approve them?
    The solutions just worse, more complicated than a space shuttle. But they persist because heaven forbid people come and enjoy themselves for a few hours at the restaurants they approved. I deliberately chose my home on a street that had no restaurant or abundance of parkers. The restaurants have been there for years. It’s like moving near an airport and then spending the rest of your life complaining about the planes. They’re using Valets, getting some alternate parking ready, what’s next, an idling diesel bus to shuttle the partons to GMD? This is all comical. What a waste of time.

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