On Patrol Longboat Key – Week ending May 1, 2020


The following are actual police reports as written by Longboat Key Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

April 25

Suspicious circumstance

12:06 p.m.

Officer Nagell was dispatched to Greer Island for a Suspicious Circumstance involving a yellow inflatable kayak. Upon his arrival at the N. Shore Road beach access he began walking to the area indicated by the caller. As Officer Nagell was walking and located a yellow inflatable Intex Explorer K2 with a large hole in it. It was located on Gulf side of the island approximately 200 yards from the beach access. The caller was nowhere around and Sgt. Schoepfer contacted her and she returned to the area. The caller told Officers that she noted the kayak and called as she was concerned for the occupants. A further check of the area revealed a small lunch type bag cooler with trash in it along with an empty female clutch bag and other empty food containers. There were also two kayak paddles in the vicinity.

Officer Nagell checked the island and found nothing to indicate any distress. The clothing items appear to have been there for more than 24 hours as they were soaked and imbedded in the sand. It appeared the occupants took their personal information and belongings and left the ripped kayak and trash. Officer Nagell sent an email to public works to advise them of the items. Due to the high tide and weight of the water logged kayak he was unable to remove it.


Fishing in the park

6:30 p.m.

Officer Bergeron responded to Overlook Park in regards to people fishing in the park. The caller advised that one of the fisherman hit his boat with their line (tackle). He advised that he wished an officer to respond and tell the individuals that they were not allowed in the park.

Upon his arrival, Officer Bergeron could see approximately 10-12 subjects fishing on the west side of the park by the DOT roped off area. Officer Bergeron made contact and advised them that the park is closed and that they needed to gather their belongings and leave. Officer Bergeron asked the subjects how they accessed the park. They all advised that the walked down from Longboat Pass Bridge on the side median. While speaking to the subjects Officer Bergeron observed approximately 10 subjects fishing under the bridge. Officer Bergeron made contact with them and advised them they needed to leave as well. They also accessed the park by the bridge. While they were leaving, Officer Bergeron looked over to Quick Point Park and observed approximately 15 subjects fishing on the beach area. Officer Bergeron walked to their location and advised them that Quick Point was also closed. They promptly left via the bridge.


Suspicious vehicle

11:23 p.m.

Officer Smith observed a vehicle pull in to a closed business and pulled in and observed the passenger looking at the front passenger side tire, and the front bumper. Officer Smith observed the damage to the vehicle and it appeared the vehicle had run off the roadway. There was mud on the fender and hood it appeared the bumper had struck something. I made a check with SPD’s zone 10 unit, and he indicated that they were not working any hit and run crashes. Officer Smith made a check of man through NCIC/FCIC, and the return indicated no wants or warrants.


April 26

Parking violation

7:26 a.m.

Officer Tillman while on patrol, observed a vehicle parked illegally around the 100 block of North Shore Road. The public parking access is currently closed due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The vehicle was facing in the wrong direction of the roadway. The parking was clearly marked off and blocked with yellow tape and a frame traffic devices. The vehicle had a hand written sign on the dashboard that said ‘Fishing.’ Parking citation was written for illegal parking. The incident was captured on Longboat Key Police Unit video camera system. A copy of the citation was left on the windshield with proper mailing instructions.



5:00 p.m.

Officer Tillman responded to 5800 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive for a report of trespassing. Upon arrival, Officer Tillman approached a fisherman and his family that were fishing in a vacant lot. The fisherman identified himself and stated that he was not aware of the trespassing and was very cooperative in leaving. A trespass warning was given to him and he left the premises. Also worth noting, while writing the warning ticket for trespassing, Officer Tillman witnessed an unidentified white male approaching and saying that he ran over his water line. The unidentified male was pointing at an exposed white PVC pipe near the road way. The white male was asked if he was the landowner and he said that he was not. The white male was seen going over to the exposed pipe and pulling on it causing it to begin to leak.


April 29

Bicycle accident

7:21 a.m.

Officer Tillman responded to the 200 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive for a bicycle accident. Officer Tillman arrived along with Longboat Key Fire Rescue. Proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) was worn. The patient was assessed and evaluated as having minor injuries. The patient refused to be transported and was cleared by Longboat Key Fire Rescue. The bicycle was inoperable and was carried back to the patient’s residence on Ringling Blvd. by other bike riders. Officer Tillman gave the patient a ride just over the south bridge onto Ringling Blvd.


Dog on beach

5:46 p.m.

Officer Martinson responded to 4100 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive for an animal problem because there was a person walking a dog on the beach.

Upon arrival he walked the beach and did not see anyone walking a dog on the beach. As Officer Martinson was walking around he was approached by the caller who stated the male walking the dog went northbound towards the Positano condo complex. Officer Martinson looked up and down the beach and again did not see the male walking a dog.


April 30

Dog bite

9:18 a.m.

Officer Tillman responded to Longboat Drive for an animal problem at the location. Upon arrival Officer Tillman spoke with the caller who stated that on Wednesday the 29th day of April 2020 she was bit by another neighbor’s dog while in the roadway. While the caller was walking to the neighbor’s, a smaller dog jumped on her and bit her on the right thigh and shin area. The skin in that area was noticed as having some small puncture type wounds. The caller stated that she noticed the dog being on a leash and the owner did not have control. The caller stated that the owner of the dog was seen with two dogs and the male party with her also had two dogs. A brief description was given of the dog in question.

The owner of the dog lives at a corner house. Officer Nagell, Officer Martinson and Officer Tillman went to the residence and were able to identify the dog in question. The dog was identified a 13-year-old, 16 lb. terrier mixed breed. The owner of the dog was aware of the situation, but did not realize the person was bit. The owner of the dog admitted to losing control of the leash.

The owner stated that the dog is current on all shots and the records are with Sarasota. Officer Tillman contacted Manatee County Animal Services and spoke with Officer Steven Bell. Officer Tillman then forwarded the Manatee County Animal bite report to steven.bell@mymanatee.org. Officer Bell stated that he would follow up with the case.

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