Barwin’s world is paved with good intentions amid Coronavirus

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We should all be sounding the trumpets to the heavens in joy that our world, our economy and our future are opening up again following weeks of Covid fear and an onslaught of dark media and governmental forces.

And while I am very far removed from anything resembling a Trump supporter, I must say the Gov. Ron Desantis and Donald Trump — while ignorant and lacking eloquence at every step — had and have the right instincts when it comes to reopening the economy and allowing the forces of vitality, creativity and American energy to be implemented.

If we listen to the Saturnian dirges of the CDC and healthcare officials and politicians on the front lines of the pandemic, we would remain in isolated bubbles into the afterlife passing food trays through antiseptic slits as we sit alone and watch Netflix and hope for government funds to arrive in our checking accounts.

And then we have the gall to pat ourselves on our backs for helping by staying at home like frightened children.

The reasonable voices have and are correct: the elderly, those with co-morbidities such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity are at risk They should have and should continue to isolate and be careful. We should help them at every turn.

But to shut down a nation, cloister its children and tell the healthiest to sit it out is simply governance via fear. And fear always leads to outcomes worse in society than any pandemic.


Barwin’s world is paved with good intentions

It is more edict than analogy: leading is akin to parenting.

And as any parents will tell you, a united front is the only way to be effective when it comes to difficult children and situations. This is where Sarasota City Manager Tom Barwin is yet again showing failure.

The response to Covid 19, or any emergency for that matter, requires a united front especially on the local level.

When the municipalities were busy shutting the world down, Longboat Key closed its boat ramp a day or so after Manatee County. Suddenly waves of boaters flocked to the Village boat ramp. A lesson learned.

When the beaches were closed, suddenly Bird Key Park off the Ringling Bridge became a defacto beach gathering spot. The next day it was closed. A lesson learned.

But now, after Gov. Desantis lifted the safer at home order and is allowing municipalities to open beaches, recreation facilities and restaurants, Barwin is lagging and lacking.

Over the weekend all of Sarasota County beaches as well as Manatee County beaches will open. Also, all of Sarasota County tennis courts and park ameneties will open with the proviso that visitors use social distancing precautions.

But not the City of Sarasota. The 10th Street Boat Ramp, the public City beaches on Lido Key, the City hard tennis courts at Arlington Park and Gillespie Park and everywhere else will remain closed as Barwin does the unthinkable — push all of those who wish to use those facilities to the County and Longboat Key.

In effect, Barwin is creating the exact opposite of helping social distancing. He is creating a defacto Covid funneling effect by appearing safe and cautious and encouraging City residents to recreate in other people’s back yard.

I wish I was wrong, but Barwin’s leadership begins and ends with installing roundabouts.

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  1. Ronnie says:

    So you hate the champions, but love the policies they implement, largely in the face of rabid (and often non fact based) resistance from other resistors. I do not envy your conflicted state of mind.

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