We should not destroy America’s merchants and our desire and ability to work

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The individuals (i am excluding President Trump) making decisions regarding the virus have no concept of

• “Zero”

• No pay for no work

• No pay for no production

• No pay for no sales

• Outflows without Inflows result in the “Zero”

Many persons in this society are too accustomed to getting what they want, when they want it and not giving anything in return.  Thereby – close all stores, stop all work, stop all sales, stop all the money flow and no harm done, simple to “restart.”  It is not simple for the local merchants to “restart” – one of many fallacies.

Those proposing to close all merchants or deprive the merchants of their livelihood, their liberty to work, and destroy their pursuit of building jobs and happiness – those politicians when they issue orders to close – that politician receives no pay from that time forward, no income, s/he looses all health care benefits, and all retirement funding and the balance in his or her retirement account(s) reset to Zero.  The decisions might be better analyzed, alternatives considered, and provide more assistance to the merchants building a business and building jobs than the elected or appointed politician.

In a “nut shell” and the view from 35,000 feet altitude, let’s restrict the Personal Opinion to this barrier island:

• These are the months the local stores make the profit to carry the stores through the slow season when income does not cover payroll, rent and other expenses – literally losses for six months

• The late spring, summer and early fall are all loss months (the best of these will be break-even) and can be catastrophic losses for the merchants that did not have a “big” season from January – March.

• We see the stark reality of the (perhaps short-sighted) decisions – All the restaurants are closed to on premise dining – those which are open here cannot make a profit from the limited take-out orders, and in this center there are only two merchants open – me (Bob Parrish cpa pc) and the liquor store.

• This is the time of year normally the main street in front of the center, is packed with cars – a line about 2 miles long, jammed, stopped and barely moving because of the traffic – people should be here spending money.

What will this do to the merchants now and when they are allowed to open will be staring at 6 months of losses?

Please realize when you see a car at a store – the owner or employee(s) drive to work: Merchants want to produce, USA Flags Are Waving

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  1. Gail Gilvey says:

    If the employees and owners get Covid and die they won’t need a job or business.
    If we the consumers get severely ill and die, we wot need the groceries, the bike shop, the restaurant, etc. etc. No one wants a shuttered economy, to save lives we agree to it. You sit comfortably ,probably ALONE in a CPA office. Covid, presents NO imminent threat to your life. Sounds pretty selfish, to me.

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