Longboat chooses Ken Schneier as Mayor

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On Monday, the Town of Longboat Key held its fStatutory Meeting wherein new commissioners were sworn in, and the new Mayor and Vice Mayor were elected. 

Commissioner Ken Schneier was elected Mayor and Commissioner Mike Haycock was elected Vice Mayor.

Two brand new town commissioners were sworn in, Longboat resident Sherry Dominick and former Planning and Zoning Board Chair BJ Bishop.

Former Mayor George Spoll said a few tearful well wishes to former Commissioners Randy Clair and Irwin Pastor, who had term-limited out of his seat.

Spoll spoke before the nominations for Mayor, and made a case for him remaining Mayor.

“I tried to write a speech but I could not do that. I’m going to try to talk from the heart. I’ve lived on Longboat Key for over two-thirds of my life, and it’s truly a remarkable place. I will have served on this commission for a total of 10 ½ years. It’s been an incredible honor to have served this Town as Mayor. I have to say, I had really hoped to finish out my career a year from today as Mayor, which is to me an incredible honor. But I understand the need for new blood, however I do say this to you: I believe I have earned the honor to be nominated and serve another term as Mayor, if you would. I thank you for listening,” said Spoll.

Former Vice Mayor Ed Zunz nominated Spoll for Mayor, however Commissioner Jack Daly nominated Schneier. In the end, the vote for Schneier as Mayor was unanimous.

Schneier then nominated Haycock for Vice Mayor, which received a unanimous vote of support as well.

Spoll addressed the Town Commission again, “I want to make one last comment. It has been said I make a better Mayor than a commissioner, and I think that is a good statement. The job of the Mayor, and we’ve had several that are difficult to live with, because they didn’t reap the benefit of the commission properly. The mayor’s job is to speak rarely but cogently, to draw out the comment of every commissioner. It’s hard to be the Mayor because there is the temptation to say everything that is in your head. Best of luck, Ken and Mike.”

Newly elected Mayor Schneier addressed the town and commissioners, “I want to thank the commissioners for their faith and trust. First of all, I do want to commend the Town Manager’s office for their work. I want to welcome Commissioners Bishop and Dominick to this dais and say its’ too late to back out. In these trying times, let’s remember we are blessed on Longboat Key. Let us remember those that are not as fortunate as we are, and we will do everything we can to support and endorse these efforts. I want to thank the person who personifies Longboat Key as Mayor — George Spoll. All of his comments on what it takes as the Mayor, I have absorbed them all. George Spoll and David Brenner had shanghaied me into becoming involved, and I hope to make them proud.”

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