On Patrol Longboat Key – Week ending February 7, 2020

The following are actual police reports as written by Longboat Key Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

Feb. 1

Burglar alarm

3:11 p.m.

Officer Bergeron responded to Jungle Queen Way in regard to an activated residential alarm. Upon arrival, Officer Bergeron met with the cleaning person. Officer Bergeron also met with the owner who asked the cleaning person to leave. The contractor scheduled the cleaning lady to be there without clearing it with the owner. Case closed.


Burglar alarm

6:25 p.m.

Officer Nagell responded to the 5000 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive for a report of a residential burglar alarm. Upon his arrival, Officer Nagell made contact with two subjects that advised they were guests in the home and had accidentally activated the alarm. Officer Nagell confirmed this with the property manager.


Civil disturbance

7:42 p.m.

Officer Nagell met with a complainant at the 5600 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in regard to a civil matter. The complainant related she had hired a car transport company to bring her car from Massachusetts to Longboat Key. On Jan. 28, she stated that the vehicle was picked up and was expected to be dropped off today. She received a call from the transport company who told her that she would owe $850 upon receipt of the vehicle. She believes that this was a mistake and called for an officer’s assistance. Officer Nagell reviewed the bill and advised her that in fact she had signed the contract with the stipulation of $850 due upon delivery and that this appeared to be a legitimate charge. The woman thanked the officer and said that she felt better about the charge and no longer believed it to be fraudulent or a scam.


Feb. 2

Bike fall

12:24 p.m.

Officer Bergeron responded to the 5000 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in regard to a person that had fallen off of their bike. Upon his arrival, Officer Bergeron observed a woman laying on the sidewalk with a severe left ankle injury. Longboat Key Fire Rescue arrived and transported the woman to Sarasota Memorial Hospital.


Parking violation

12:37 p.m.

Officer Nazareno issued a parking citation for a car that was illegally parked in the 7000 block of Lois Ave. which had ‘No Parking’ signs posted.


Parking citation

10:10 p.m.

Officer Tillman while on patrol observed a vehicle parked on North Shore Road after hours. The owner was cited for the offense. The incident was captured on Unit #82 video camera. Citation was placed on the windshield with proper mailing instructions.


Parking violation

11:00 p.m.

Officer Tillman while on patrol, observed a vehicle parked on North Shore Road after hours. Citation was placed on the windshield. Case closed.


Feb. 3


7:37 a.m.

Officer Smith responded to Longboat Club Road for a fall victim on the golf course, Longboat Key Fire Rescue transported the patient to the hospital.


Property missing

9:16 a.m.

Officer Zunz answered a call from a woman who had lost a small sling-type cross-body black purse while walking on the beach somewhere between the 3700 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive and the Zota Beach Resort where she was a guest. Inside her purse were her driver’s license, credit card and cash. Nothing further.


Public service

1:14 p.m.

Officer Ascencio responded to 5600 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive on a VIN verification. Upon arrival, Officer Ascencio met with the complainant who had purchased a 2017 Lincoln. He needed the signature to send the paperwork back to the state of Indiana. Officer Ascencio confirmed the form had accurate information about the vehicle and signed the form.


Disturbance neighbor

4:39 p.m.

Officer Smith responded to a neighbor disturbance in the 3700 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. One woman from one unit said she was yelled at by a man from another unit earlier in the day. The incident was initiated by a parking issue where the woman’s vehicle was blocking the man’s parking space accidentally. Officer Smith spoke to the woman and her friend who witnessed the man yelling at the complainant. The female parties wanted Officer Smith to talk with the man because they were scared of his reaction to them. Officer Smith went to the man’s unit and spoke to him about he complainant. He said he just had surgery on his neck. He was in pain and had a fever and just wanted to go in his residence and was just agitated by not being able to pull in his parking space. He apologized and said it wouldn’t happen again. Case clear.


Traffic violation

5:49 p.m.

Captain Skinner while on patrol, observed a car carrier stopped in the center safety lane of the 300 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Captain Skinner contacted the driver and advised him it was in violation to stop or park on Gulf of Mexico Drive. The man apologized and moved the vehicle and trailer.


Feb. 4

Parking violation

11:31 a.m.

Officer Smith was dispatched to Russell Street for a parking complaint. The vehicle was a black Volkswagen and the owner came out of a home on Russell Street where he was giving a pool estimate to the resident. He was able to pull the vehicle in the driveway. Nothing further.



8:14 p.m.

Officer Puccio was dispatched to the 400 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive to a restaurant in reference to an elderly man needing medical assistance. Upon arrival, Officer Puccio made contact with the man who was alert, conscious and breathing normally. The man was lying on the floor with his feet elevated and stated that he was feeling better but had become somewhat faint earlier. The man appeared to be sweating and was provided with a cool towel by the restaurant staff. Officer Puccio continued to talk with the man and monitored him as they awaited the arrival of EMS. Fire Rescue arrived and took the man in the ambulance, police left and nothing further to report.


Feb. 5

Property missing

10:14 a.m.

Officer Smith responded to the police department and made contact with a complainant who stated that on Feb. 4 she had lost her military ID card. She said she does not know where she may have left it, but needed a report to get another ID card.


Assist other agency

4:36 p.m.

Officer Bergeron responded to the North Shore Road in regard to an overhead electrical wire touching a tree behind the location. Upon arrival, Longboat Key Fire Rescue were on scene and pointed out there was a palm tree behind Firehouse Court that was contacting an electrical wire. Officer Bergeron observed that when the wind blew the wire arched against the palm tree. Longboat Fire Rescue advised that FPL was contacted to address the issue. FPL arrived and Fire Rescue left, case closed.


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