Fire stations closer to fruition

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Longboat Key’s $5.895 million plan to construct a new South fire station and renovate its north station appears to be about on budget according to estimates. 

On Monday, the Town Commission will hear an update on the project from staff.


On March 20, 2018, the Longboat residents voted to authorize the borrowing of up to $5,895,000 for the construction of a new South Fire Station (Station 92) and the renovation of the North Fire Station (Station 91). The bonding is complete and the funding is place for both projects.

The Town has engaged Sweet Sparkman as the architect for both stations and Jon Swift/Wharton Smith has been selected as the Construction Manager.

Station 91, the North Station, has an estimated construction cost of $814,000 estimated off of 60% plans.

The current status of Station 92, the South Station, is $4.2 million based off of 60% plans. The overall construction budget for both projects totals $5.01M. Current estimates are anticipated to be within budget.

Staff will discuss the next steps to continue to move the projects forward, including the final steps to complete a temporary facility, and how the Town will utilize a direct purchase option to provide a cost benefit to the projects.

Construction is anticipated to start no later than May 2020 and be completed by April 2021.

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