Commission approves new Village parking ordinance

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On Monday, Longboat Key Commissioners approved the new Village parking ordinance. The ordinance includes a speed limit reduction on Broadway of 20 mph, a 15-foot parking setback requirement adjacent to driveways, limited parking times on streets, and parking on Broadway limited to one side of the street.

Planning and Zoning Director Allen Parsons informed the commission of the updates and changes that have been made to the ordinance before the final vote.

Vice Mayor Ed Zunz told the commission that there have been some changes since the last time the board met.

“The Shore Restaurant has made arrangements with the shopping center to have 30 extra spaces in their parking lot…And the new restaurant where the gas station used to be is going to work with the bank to have additional parking. So this parking thing is a moving target,” said Zunz.

A resident also spoke at the meeting and informed commissioners that the Village Association and the Shore Restaurant are having a meeting regarding being better neighbors, and the residents intend to advise the restaurant to move their employees to Whitney Plaza (off-site).  This would help because it would reduce the number of hours the road would be blocked by vehicles parking in the streets. Currently, the employees arrive early before the restaurants open, and if they instead were in a parking lot off site, the streets would be clear until the restaurants open and the first customers arrive.

Parsons agreed and told the commission that, “We (town) have talked to the restaurants and they do want to have their employees park on the remote locations away from the restaurants.”

Resident Michael Drake also spoke to the commission.

“I want to go on record that at our Village Association meeting, we mentioned we would like to see the diagonal setback lines removed. We think it’s confusing for people and they end up parking there anyway,” said Drake. He added that the Association wants to know if the 15-foot setbacks from driveways applies to Russell Street or other streets.

Parsons responded that currently the parking setback only applies to Broadway. Although Russell Street is not included now, Parsons said he could work on the wording of the ordinance to include all streets in the Village as requiring a 15-foot setback.

The new Village parking ordinance passed 7-0.

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