Downtown paid parking goes ‘live’ with more to come

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If you plan to park in Downtown Sarasota, you’d better soon be ready to start paying.

The City Parking Division says paid parking will be launched in the coming week in what is referred to as the Judicial District, east of U.S. 301. If all goes according to plan, Main Street and Palm Avenue will soon follow.

It was a close vote last January when the City voted 3-2 in favor of spending $352,000 to implement the paid parking downtown. Commissioners Hagen Brody and Shelli Freeland Eddie were against the proposal.

The paid parking effort downtown was an expansion of the overall program that brought paid parking and a new parking garage to St. Armands Circle earlier this year.

The equipment, meaning the payment stations, are the same in both locations.

The City Parking Department said it will take an educational approach to ticketing in the days following the installation to allow users to acclimate.

In addition to using the pay stations, users can also use the Parkmobile App to pay.

Paid parking will be enforced from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday in the Judicial District and from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday along Main Street and Palm Avenue. The cost to park will be $1.50 per hour, with the first 10 minutes free.

The initiative for a paid parking program is to help offset the millions of dollars in subsidies the City has had to allocate to offset losses in the parking division. The initiative is also to help diminish congestion.

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2 Responses for “Downtown paid parking goes ‘live’ with more to come”

  1. Sunny Gravy says:

    How long will we have to wait before the parking meters are taken out again?

  2. Dorothy Williams says:

    I have already decided to use another merchant so I don’t have to deal with paid parking for a short visit downtown. Sorry guys. 10 minutes free, how is that judged. So for 1.50 you get 70 minutes?

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