Town chooses taller light poles

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Following a consultant’s report, the Longboat Key Town Commission decided to move forward with 35-foot tall light poles along Gulf of Mexico Drive and 25-foot tall poles along side streets.

The consultants had evaluated the effectiveness and cost of poles 10 feet lower, and concluded the taller poles were the only viable option.

The decision made last week moves the project forward, and even though the specific look of the final light poles will still be determined, the height was a critical decision so the system could be mapped out.

The light poles throughout Longboat will all be accompanied with wireless telecommunication antennas which is part of the town’s effort to create a community-wide wireless network. The Town’s partner, Waterleaf, is responsible for paying for and installing the wireless system. The Town and its residents are paying for all of the undergrounding as well as the lights and a fiber optic backbone.

Eventually, every power line as well as cable and telephone line will all be underground and only the occasional light pole and small cell pole will be in the right-of-ways.

The actual burying of the lines will begin this year around County Club Shores and will be completed by 2022.

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