A Happy Easter in wake of Notre Dame

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Easter quickly follows the horror of Notre Dame burning.

The hunting of eggs, which symbolize the mystery of new life and birth.

The procreative fecundity of the bunny rabbit.

The death and resurrection of Christ: literal and historical for many, symbolic and metaphorical for others.

Whatever religion or observation, all lovers of humanity felt the singe of emotional loss last week as Notre Dame burning branded an image in our collective memory.

Perhaps two gifts emerged.

First, it was not a repeat of 9-11. Paris, historically besieged by terrorist attacks, was not victim to a dark vein of hate. Better a half-sober contractor sipping Absinthe sent a foundry of sparks from his Sawzall as he smoked Gitanes than some group in a cave somewhere claimed responsibility via the internet saying there would be more despair to come.

The second gift is our future.

In a sense, Notre Dame was sadly victim to a general state of disrepair. It is the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort of cathedrals. All of the world cherishes its presence but it is dying and rotting from within — a bit like the Catholic Church as an institution for many in our culture — a vestige of a sublime past.

But when something as moving as the church spire burning and falling touches us, look at the results. Within a day, a billion dollars was committed to rebuild the Notre Dame.

That’s truly a resurrection of human spirit. It is the spirit of life and hope we all need.

As sad as witnessing the burning spire was, let’s use the loss to galvanize our spirit and our resources to build something as sublime and moving for generations to come. Even more important, let’s cherish our fleeting moments together.

Happy Easter!

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