Town looks to restrict Mar Vista valet action

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Free parking along Longboat Key’s Village streets will continue, however, valet parking on Village streets will likely be a thing of the past.

Town Attorney Maggie Mooney informed commissioners at Monday’s workshop as part of the effort to limit traffic and parking along Village streets, while they could not restrict valet parking on Mar Vista’s private property, they could mandate that valet parking for the restaurant could no longer occur on the public streets of the Village.

Parking on Village streets has been a source of contention for the residents as the Mar Vista Restaurant has overflow parking from their own parking lot onto the streets and the Shore Restaurant is set to open next year, potentially causing more traffic and parking overflow.

The number of parking spaces currently at the Mar Vista is 28 and the seating accommodates 169 people. According to Planning and Zoning Director Allen Parsons, the hired valet service at the restaurant currently is able to double stack the vehicles in order to fit approximately 40 cars in the parking lot. After the parking lot is full, the valet then park cars on the public street.

After the commission discussed the potential hazards of allowing parking on both sides of the streets, and hearing residents complain of not being able to see into the intersections because of all the cars being parked to the edge of the roadside, the board reached consensus on a few new parking restrictions, some of which will be island-wide.

The commission gave the Planning and Zoning Department Director permission to move forward with crafting a new ordinance that would: restrict parking on Russell and Poinsettia to one side of the street only, prohibit use of private valet on public parking space town-wide, make no parking on streets after 11 p.m. island-wide, lower the speed limit on Broadway and increase the setbacks for intersections.

The drafted ordinance will be presented at the next regular commission meeting.

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3 Responses for “Town looks to restrict Mar Vista valet action”

  1. eugene jaleski says:

    it is unconscionable for the commission to allow taxpayer supported public streets to be used by the valet parking company for profit.

  2. David Baughman says:

    Would it be illegal for both restaurants to engage a shuttle service from the Whitney plaza?

  3. Sunny Gravy says:

    I wanted to eat at Mar Vista, but could not find a parking space on Broadway and did not want to give my car to the Valet. Now with Valet limited to the parking lot I’ll try going back for a spot on the street.

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