On Patrol Longboat Key – Week ending April 5, 2019

The following are actual police reports as written by Longboat Key Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

March 26

Trimming mangroves

2:28 p.m.

Sgt. Smith was dispatched to the Moorings for a report of subjects cutting mangroves. Sgt. Smith arrived and made contact with the manager for the environmental group the tree trimmer worked for. The tree trimmer stated that he is a licensed Professional Mangrove Trimmer through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. He stated he has been hired by the Longboat Key Golf Course and the Harbourside Homeowner Association to trim the mangroves. He said he is permitted for the trimming. He stated he is clearing channels and only trimming what the regulations allow under the Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act of 1996. Sgt. Smith made a check of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the man registered with the agency as a licensed mangrove trimmer. Sgt. Smith observed no signs of violations of the Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act of 1996.



3:52 p.m.

Officer Bergeron responded to Bayside Drive in regard to a dispute. Upon his arrival, he met with the complainant who advised that at approximately 11:30 a.m. he was outside by his garage when a white male subject riding a bike, 60 years old, 5’ 8” wearing shorts and white shirt began to complain about the complainant’s garbage receptacles. The male subject began calling the complainant racial names a long with some explicit language. The complainant advised the man rode off on his bike down the alley. The complainant was hesitant to report the incident but was concerned the subject may return while he is out of town and possibly trespass on his property. Officer Bergeron advised the complainant that Officer Bergeron would add his residence to the agency extra patrol log.


March 31

Bird in chimney

11:23 a.m.

Officer Bergeron responded to the 3000 block in regard to an eagle possibly stuck in a chimney. Upon arrival, Officer Bergeron observed the eagle and it did not appear to be in distress. The eagle appeared to be eating. Sgt. Smith contacted Save Our Seabirds and spoke to an official who advised him that eagles can take several hours to devour their food. The Save Our Seabirds official advised officers to tell the homeowner that if the eagle was still there in four hours, to contact the police.


Suspicious vehicle

3:16 p.m.

Officer Bergeron responded to Bay Isles Road in regard to a suspicious vehicle. Upon arrival, Officer Bergeron spoke to the complainant. The complainant advised he observed a gray possibly a Lexus parked at the end of the property between both entrances. The complainant advised that he walked to the vehicle, but it drove off before he could make contact. The complainant could only describe the driver as an older male. The complainant advised the person could have just been talking on his cell phone, but thought the incident should be reported. Officer Bergeron checked the area for a vehicle that matched the description but met with negative results. The Temple continues to be on the extra patrol log.


April 1

Suspicious person

7:35 a.m.

Officer Smith was dispatched for a suspicious individual. The complainant stated the individual had a pole and a generator while sitting on a chair on the sidewalk. Upon arrival, Officer Smith spoke to the individual who stated he works for a survey company. His company is testing cell phone strength for the town. Everything checked out.


April 2

Suspicious circumstance

4:20 a.m.

Officer Bidwell arrived at Broadway in reference to a suspicious incident. The complainant advised she heard a noise like someone was digging or walking across the shell/gravel outside the bedroom window. Officer Bidwell examined the area and found no signs that anyone was in the area or recently had been. The complainant’s husband also advised that the outside motion lights did not come on if anyone had been in the back of the residence. The couple had a pickup truck parked in the back driveway and it was locked and the alarm was armed. No signs of foul play were noted. Officer Vogt responded with Officer Bidwell and they canvassed the area and did not see anyone. The complainant advised the couple just arrived from up north for a month vacation and did not know if the sound she heard could have been a human or animal. Officer Bidwell advised the complainant that if she should have any further needs to contact the Longboat Key Police Department.


April 3

Failure to yield in a crosswalk

While on patrol, Officer Nazareno observed a white Ford van fail to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian on the crosswalk with the yellow flashing lights activated. Officer Nazareno then initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver. The driver stated that the reason for him not seeing the pedestrian and the flashing lights was him looking for the street signs and what block he was on for the next job site. Officer Nazareno advised him that there were three bright neon signs posted starting 570 feet prior to the pedestrian crosswalk with the flashing lights. The driver was issued a traffic citation for failure to yield right-of-way to pedestrian at crosswalk with signage.


Burglar alarm

9:12 p.m.

Officer Hodo was dispatched to Putter Lane in reference to a residential alarm. Officer Hodo arrived and while checking the residence an open door on the north side of the residence was discovered. Officer Hodo checked the residence and did not find any signs of forced entry. Officer Hodo noted that the winds were very gusty and possibly blew the door open that was not locked. Officer Hodo talked to the owner who stated that he has cameras inside his residence and he did not see anything suspicious activity when the alarm activated. Officer Hodo also noted that the owner would have his neighbor check on his residence until he returns tomorrow morning. At this time, Officer Hodo conducted no further investigation.


Suspicious person

2:19 p.m.

Officer Bergeron responded along with Officer Nazareno to 5900 Gulf of Mexico Drive in regard to a report of a suspicious person in the driveway 28 minutes prior to officers’ arrival. Upon arrival, the complainant advised that he was informed by a construction worker of a white man who had rode a bike onto his property and then left heading south on Gulf of Mexico Drive, this seemed suspicious to the complainant. Officers checked the area south of the location and was unable to locate a subject fitting that description. Nothing further.

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