On Patrol Longboat Key – Week ending March 29, 2019

The following are actual police reports as written by Longboat Key Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

March 23

Parking complaint

9:24 p.m.

Officer Smith responded to Norton Street for a parking complaint. Officer Smith spoke to the complainant who said he was having trouble pulling his truck and boat out of his driveway because of a white work van parked in the street. Before Officer Smith arrived, his son was able to get the truck and boat out of the driveway. The complainant stated that construction on the street has made it difficult to get out of his driveway and drive down the street. The vehicle in question was legally parked. Arrangements have been made to have the van pull into the driveway where construction is being done. Case clear.


Traffic camera

1:46 p.m.

Officer Ascencio responded to an alert from the northbound on Bay Isles Parkway camera regarding a driver with a suspended driver’s license. Officer Ascencio confirmed with NCIC/FCIC and DAVID. Officer Ascencio then found the vehicle headed north in the 3700 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive and initiated a traffic stop. The driver stated that he was unaware his license was suspended. His driver’s license was suspended on Feb. 19 for failure to pay a citation. He also stated he did not have valid proof of insurance. He was checked for warrants and issued a citation for the violation. Per dispatch, his Florida license plate was under a seize tag order. It was removed from the vehicle and placed into the evidence locker slot.


Dog on beach

2:58 p.m.

Officer Bergeron observed two dogs jump from a beached vessel onto the beach area. Officer Bergeron advised the owner that dogs were not allowed on any beach located on Longboat Key. Officer Bergeron advised him that the dogs need to stay on the boat or in the water. The owner complied.


Beverage violation

3:17 p.m.

Officer Bergeron observed several subjects near the water’s edge with an alcoholic beverage in the hands. Officer Bergeron advised the subjects that alcohol is prohibited on all beaches on Longboat Key. Officer Bergeron advised them that they would need to go into the water or back on their boat. The subjects complied. Nothing further.


Dog on beach

3:30 p.m.

Officer Ascencio while on patrol in Quick Point Park observed a man with a medium size dog running off a leash. Officer Ascencio approached the man and advised him that the dog and the open can of beer were illegal in the preserve. He stated he didn’t care and that he was waiting for high tide to fish. The open can of beer was on the man’s cooler which was located a few feet from the sign which stated the ordinances. The man was issued two Notice to Appears in Sarasota County Court for the violations.


March 25


3:48 p.m.

Officer Bergeron responded to Sanctuary Drive in regard to a fall. Upon his arrival, Officer Bergeron was assessing the subject’s injury, a dislocated right shoulder. Officer Bergeron spoke to the grandmother, who advised that she and the subject were waiting for his Uber to go to the airport, when he all of a sudden fell. The subject was transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital for further evaluation and treatment of his shoulder. Nothing further.


Burglar alarm

6:47 p.m.

Sgt. Schoepfer responded to 4800 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in reference to an alarm call. Upon arrival, Sgt. Schoepfer made contact with a man who advised that he has rented the property from January 2019 through April 1, 2019. The man said he just arrived at the condominium and forgot the alarm code. Sgt. Schoepfer verified that the man is a tenant through the management company and he advised the unit owner who confirmed the property rental. Case closed.


March 26

Property damage

8:19 a.m.

Officer Nazareno responded to 2100 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive for a report of property damage. Upon arrival, Officer Nazareno made contact with the property manager. The property manager advised that the incident occurred on March 25 where one of the residents struck a light pole, a small tree and damaged the sprinkler system with his vehicle. Officer Nazareno also made contact with the resident who stated that on March 25 while attempting to park his vehicle his foot slipped off the brake pedal and struck the light pole as it hopped over the curb and struck a small tree. The resident’s wife was the passenger at the front seat at the time of the incident. No injuries were reported. Officer Nazareno observed the man’s vehicle parked at the parking lot with damage on the right side of the middle of the front bumper, left and middle of the rear bumper, and extensive damage on the undercarriage of the vehicle. Officer Nazareno also observed the light pole leaning and the small tree that was struck. There were tire tracks on the grass and mulch area of the parking lot. Estimated total of the property damage was $2,000. Both received a case number. Nothing further.


Suspicious vehicle

9:13 p.m.

Officer Nagell responded to Tarawitt Drive for a report of a suspicious vehicle. Once on scene, Officer Nagell observed a vehicle with a trailer parked on the side of the road. Officer Nagell was able to locate the owner who advised that he had car troubles, however, he agreed to attempt to move the vehicle from the roadway. A check of the area at a later time showed that the vehicle had been moved. Case closed.


March 27

Suspicious vehicle

6:54 p.m.

Officer Vogt responded to Halyard Lane in reference to a suspicious vehicle. Upon arrival, the complainant called dispatch and advised the suspicious person knows the owner and law enforcement could disregard. Officer Vogt met with the suspicious person who stated he has been working at the address all day and was just collecting his tools. Case closed.

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