Ambitious raccoon rescued from channel marker by Mote, police

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It took a boat and the help of police and wildlife specialists to safely fetch a stranded raccoon from its precarious perch in Sarasota Bay last week. But the rescue came after initial opposition from the raccoon.

The raccoon was stranded on a channel marker in the Bay and rescued by Longboat and Sarasota Police as well as Mote Marine Laboratory and Florida Wildlife Commission officials.

Mote reported the stranded animal to the SPD’s Marine Patrol at noon. That is when the response ensued.

At first, the raccoon wanted nothing to do with the rescuers and resisted the police. Following a struggle, the raccoon fell off its perch on the marker and attempted to flee the scene. In short order, the raccoon succumbed to fatigue and climbed up the stern of the boat.

The raccoon was held in a cooler and was transported to dry land and released.

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