Editorial Letters – Week ending February 15, 2019

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Greed of Andy Adams

To: Editor

It has been obvious from the beginning that the outright greed of Andy Adams was always the driving force. The buying up of the units by Adams had always been a plan of his desire to control the units to the disadvantage of the remaining 70 percent of the owners.

His plan was to eventually bring a lawsuit to cheat the owners that could not bring Adams to a halt, in his moving forward with his goals, to strike gold by eventually bring lawsuits against less endowed and impoverished owners. It was a crude and ugly plan from the start and a desire to rip off the owners.

This is what the laws of the land are there for. To stop this kind of an organized plan to do harm to others.

Herb Lipton

Longboat Key


A dark night in Sarasota

To: Editor

On Thursday, Feb. 7, I drove to Sarasota to attend a performance of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra at the Van Wezel Auditorium. As I approached the stop light to turn onto the Boulevard of the Arts, I heard loud noises but I couldn’t see where the noise was coming from. It was 7:30 p.m. and it was dark. Once I made the turn I realized what I was hearing were the chants of a crowd of people holding huge placards with assorted anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, pro-Palestinian slogans. Police were on hand to contain the crowd, to keep them from blocking the road and I made it safely and on time to the concert hall.

There was something unsettling about the experience – maybe it was the darkness – it was surreal, sinister, intimidating. I pondered how long and under what conditions the chants of a crowd of protesters can transform into the jeers of an angry mob. Were it not for the police?

I enjoyed an excellent performance, especially the piece by Tchaikovsky. They are a group of very talented musicians. When I exited the concert hall three hours later and drove by the area where the incident had occurred, it was quiet and dark – no signs, no chants, no protesters, no police.

I wanted to know more about the event I had recently witnessed so I turned on my television, SNN local news, it wasn’t covered. I read Friday’s Sarasota Herald Tribune, it wasn’t mentioned. I checked the internet for information, nothing appeared. My question is why? Why is the Sarasota community being kept in the dark about what is happening in our local community?

Mona Schonbrunn

Longboat Key


Hurricane Hermine FEMA reimbursement

To: Town Commission

FYI- we received another payment today for outstanding FEMA requests related to beach sand losses during storm events.  Today’s reimbursement was for $337,477.62 related to Hurricane Hermine (2016).  We still have several pending outstanding claims that we are continuing to follow-up on. Again- congrats to the Public Works and Finance Team for their continued due diligence.

Thomas A. Harmer

Town Manager

Town of Longboat Key


Look what pops up on the Beach Bistro Web Site

To: Town Manager Tom Harmer, Mayor George Spoll, Commissioner Jack Daly

When you try to make an online reservation, this is what pops up:

Beach Bistro

Monday, February 18

9 p.m.

2 People

What to know before you go

Special note about Monday

Patrons located on Longboat Key will not be available to make online reservations until the end of April due to traffic considerations. You are more than welcome to contact the restaurant.

Tom Freiwald

Longboat Key


New committee organizing for LBK Art, Culture & Education Center

To: Commissioner Jim Brown

Hi Jim, nice article in January 31st issue of the Observer, nice boat too. I am also Captain of my boat (Grady-White 22-foot) she is in my Stone Harbor, NJ boat slip. Let’s navigate to our mutually important Cultural Center funding project. We were all asked to present names of big Foundations, Grant Programs, worthy Corporations, private worthy donors, etc in order to raise bigtime funding for this Cultural Center. As a member of Warren Simonds Taskforce I submitted over 83 listings for Amy Sankes to pursue…I have not heard any info relating to this submission (We all know Publix donates huge sums to all local worthy recipients along with all of our big banks and investment firms in Sarasota, LBK and Bradenton) Why are we stalled? As past President & Board Member of our 72 year-old LBK Center for the Arts I am bombarded with questions by our former 250 Art Center members along with members from our local Synagogue and local Churches, everyone wants an Art Center on the Island. Most current residents (like me)  bought here in LBK because of the wonderful Art Center. I ran the Monthly Jazz Concerts for seven years which were always sold-out and SRO. I have been a student as well for over 20 years working in Alabaster Stone Sculpture and am proud to report I won the 2017 LBK Art Achievement Award for 3-D division (Stone). I will now launch my question: Can I help in any way with your proposed plan?  Maybe we need to create some excitement by inviting potential donors to visit the stunning site smack-in-the-center of Town, get some photos in the newspapers, get more info on what we will be featuring (classes, concerts, lectures, art exhibits, celebrity visits (from RCAD) will Education Center be included in our faculty? We need to kick this project up a few more notches. What if we think about a collaboration with Manatee Art Center who are now in a rebuilding program (fundraising) as well. Ringling has a big Art Center in Venice…how can we bring this into the mix (maybe not)? May I request your consideration relating to this VIP project?

Joan Partridge

Sculpture & Glass Artist



The Cabana Inn’s continuous noise violations

To: Sarasota City Commission

I understand you have been previously contacted about the Cabana Inn’s continuous harassment to our neighborhood. Now I’m asking you to immediately address this serious matter:

Without warning, the Cabana will begin blasting their music in the middle of the night. Police then have to be called to inform this bar to turn down the music. Unfortunately, the police are understaffed in having trained officers who know how to use equipment to record the Cabana’s unlawful sound violations, which results in no fine. This has caused a hindrance in solving this problem. Sometimes the Cabana likes to “play” the officers and an hour after the police have told them to turn down their music, they will begin blasting their music again. A few nights ago, the Cabana Inn even had laser lights that shone throughout the neighborhood and directly through my son’s bedroom.

The Cabana’s noise harassment happens on an intermittent basis. We will enjoy a week or two of uninterrupted sleep and then they open up their back patio doors and blast their music. It’s not like the bar is full of patrons. In fact, they continue to lose business but enjoy reminding us that they are very much there and will continue harassing the neighborhood until they can get Code Enforcement to grant them a variance. What they are asking for is unsuitable to our neighborhood.

As our representatives, I implore you to take immediate action to stop this blatant aggravating behavior. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you in a timely fashion.

Sharon Mitchell



The Cabana Inn’s continuous noise violations

To: Town Manager Tom Barwin

Could someone please look into this situation and update me when you can?

Jen Ahearn-Koch

Vice Mayor

City of Sarasota


Banning straws and bags

To: Sarasota City Commission

It would be fabulously progressive of you to ban plastic drinking straws. I’m okay with you having an exception for disabled people if you can’t find a good alternative.

Also please figure out how to get around what you seem to be referring to as some “preemption” around banning plastic bags. You must get them banned too.

I want us all to be proud of Sarasota. We are dragging a bit too much right now about being proactive for our ailing environment.

Dr. Doreen Dupont

Member FPA London


Straws and bags

To: Doreen Dupont

Thank you for your email of support on the City’s efforts in trying to be more environmentally responsible. In addition to trying to clean up our waterways and parks, the City has also adopted the Sierra Club’s “Ready for 100” initiative. Also, I encourage you to participate and look into the efforts of the group Rethinking Plastic. I have copied Jana Hoefling on this email so you have her information and can reach out to her for ways to get information and get involved if you want. I have attended a number of their meetings and they are doing a great job.

Per ”getting around” the ”preemption” ban, I have copied the City’s attorney in hopes that he can explain the legal challenges of that suggestion much more accurately than I. Basically though, the State sometimes takes away a municipality’s legal authority to regulate certain activities at the local level (also called ”Home Rule”). To try to regulate something the State deemed not allowed, the City would be in essence ”challenging” the State and would put the City in a potentially costly legal fight with the State. If we were to try to regulate plastic bags at this point, that would be an example of that. I hope this makes sense and I invite Mr. Fournier to correct me if I am not correct on my explanation. Thanks again for reaching out to me with your thoughts and feel free to get in touch at any time.

Jen Ahearn-Koch

Vice Mayor

City of Sarasota

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