On Patrol Longboat Key – Week ending January 25, 2019

The following are actual police reports as written by Longboat Key Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

Jan. 9

Welfare check

7:26 p.m.

Officer Bergeron responded to Exeter Drive in regard to a welfare check request by the caller. The caller asked that officers check on her husband as she had been trying to call him, but was not getting any answer. Officer Bergeron made contact with the husband and advised him his wife was trying to contact him, but she was not getting any answer on his phone. He located his phone in the couch and did see the missed calls. He advised that he was fine and he would call his wife. Officer Bergeron also called the wife and advised her that her husband was fine. Nothing further.


Jan. 14

Disturbance over boat

7:06 p.m.

Officer Bergeron responded to the area of the Linley Street public boat ramp in regard to a report of subjects arguing. Upon arrival, Officer Bergeron met with the subject and his son. The man and his son advised that they were just discussing their boat issue and were not agreeing on how to remedy the problem with the propeller. Both advised at no time did the discussion become physical. Both left the scene in their vehicle.


Jan. 17

Vehicle fire

8:19 a.m.

Officer Vogt responded to 6400 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in reference to a vehicle fire. Upon arrival, Officer Vogt observed a crane on fire with a man trapped on top. Longboat Key Fire/Rescue arrived on scene and extinguished the fire and rescued the man. The crane struck the power line which was down and blocking Gulf of Mexico Drive in both directions. The crane operator stated that while he was moving the crane it must have struck the power line knocking it down. No injuries to the man were reported or observed. Traffic in both directions was stopped until FPL arrived on scene and secured the wire.


Suspicious circumstance

4:00 p.m.

Officer Connors was dispatched to Schooner Lane for a suspicious incident. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the complainant who stated last night around 5 p.m., he lost his internet connection. The complainant attempted numerous times to reconnect to the internet before calling a service technician. The complainant advised that when the Comcast service technician arrived at his residence, the technician determined that the fault was across the street at the service box. The technician located a disconnected cable wire that fed the complainant’s residence. The service box is rectangular in shape and does not contain a lock. The complainant and technician thought the incident was suspicious and thought it was a good idea to get the incident documented. All of the other service boxes in the area appeared to be all in order. It was also determined that the house across the street is for sale and that maybe the wrong cable was disconnected. The complainant stated that his security cameras were not working due to no internet connection. Case closed.


Missing dog

6:00 p.m.

Captain Skinner responded to the front desk of the Police Department when a caller brought in a found dog to the station. The dog was approximately 25 pounds, light brown and had an appearance similar to a fox. He did have a collar, but no identification tags. The dog was wearing a shirt that read, “Momma’s Boy.” A canvass of the area for the owner was unsuccessful. At approximately 8 p.m., the owner contacted dispatch and advised she lost her dog, which she described as wearing a collar and wearing the same shirt. She came to the police station and was reunited with her dog.


Jan. 23

Identity theft

10:11 a.m.

Officer Nagell responded to the Police Department and met with the complainant who related that earlier this month someone had attempted to open a Chase credit card in his wife’s name. His wife was notified by Chase fraud department and told to speak with a representative at a local bank. The complainant and his wife went to the Chase Bank on Longboat and were issued a case number. There was only an attempt, as Chase stopped the transaction and also issued credit monitoring.


Suspicious circumstance

1:43 a.m.

Officer Smith was dispatched to Harbourside Drive for a report of a Longboat Key Fire/Rescue boat making strange noises. Also, the console lights were on. Officer Smith spoke to the complainant and he stated that he heard sounds coming from the boat for about an hour. It was determined that it was a faulty bilge pump. The Fire Department was aware of the problem. Everything else was found in order. Case clear.


Property damage

3:10 p.m.

Officer Hodo responded to Binnacle Point Drive in reference to a damage cable line. Officer Hodo made contact with the complainant who stated that he keeps getting his cable line cut by the construction company working on his street. The complainant stated that they must not be doing a good job locating the wires underground since this keeps happening. The complainant said that he called the police to make a report. Officer Hodo was contacted by a representative from a general contractor who stated that they had called the cable company about damaged cable line and they would send out a technician to repair the problem. No further investigation.

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