On Patrol Longboat Key – Week ending February 1, 2019

The following are actual police reports as written by Longboat Key Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

Jan. 8

Traffic violation

Officer Vogt while on patrol in the 4000 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive, saw a car pass him at a high rate of speed. He conducted a traffic stop on the Pontiac Grand Prix. The driver said his driver’s license was suspended for failure to pay child support. A search on DAVID showed his license was revoked on Nov. 14, 2016. He was issued a citation for driving while license is suspended with knowledge. He was following his employer who had a licensed driver with him. This driver drove the Grand Prix away since the driver’s license was suspended. The driver was advised of his mandatory court date and was advised to contact the Manatee County Court. Officer Vogt also placed a thumbprint of his right thumb on the back of the citation. Case closed.


Jan. 27

Suspicious circumstance

11:10 a.m.

Officer Vogt responded to Bayport Way in reference to a suspicious incident. Upon arrival, Officer Vogt met with the complainant who stated last night at 10:15 p.m. he arrived home from dinner with his wife. When he pulled into his parking spot he was confronted by an elderly white female. The white female started telling him that he almost hit her while she was riding her bike. She also said that he could have killed her. She did not state where this happened or say anything else. However she proceeded to take pictures of his car and license plate. The complainant said he never saw anyone on the road riding a bike and he has never seen this lady before. She then rode off on her bike and he went inside. The complainant stated he wanted to make a report of the suspicious incident in case there is another incident in the future with this same woman. Officer Vogt gave the man a case number and was told to call the police if there is any other problems with the woman.


Jan. 28


2:00 p.m.

Officer Hodo responded to the police station to meet with the complainant. The complainant said that he had retained a law firm in Sarasota for some legal work. The complainant stated he was communicating with the law firm via email and by phone. The complainant said that he got an email from the law firm on Jan. 2 that they needed an additional $3,500 for a retainer fee. The complainant stated that he replied back to the email asking the law firm if he could make the payment on Jan. 19 for his billing purposes. The complainant stated that on Jan. 14 he received an email from the law firm who he had been communicating with and it asked him if he could send the payment through Pay Pal or wire bank transfer because they were having problems processing credit card payments. The complainant told the law firm that he needed the Pay Pal account and he would be sending the payment on Jan. 19. The complainant stated that he used his American Express Card for the retainer fee and his card had been charged in the amount of $3,675 by someone unknown. The complainant stated that he assumed his payment was accepted by the law firm and he was paid up. The complainant stated he was later called by thelaw firm looking for the retainer fee. He stated to the assistant via phone and emails that he had made the payment arrangements already. The complainant stated that the firm apparently did not receive his credit card payment and that he was later tol that the emails at the firm had been hacked into. The complainant stated that he had no idea that he was dealing with a hacker during his email conversation. The complainant stated that he needed a police report and wanted to prosecute the suspects when located. The complainant stated that he assumed he was dealing directly with the law firm, since he had no prior issues. The complainant made no further comments. Officer Hodo will attach copies of the email conversation to this report. No evidence at this time, no further investigation.


Jan. 29

Phone call

11:51 a.m.

Officer Nagell met with the complainant on Emerald Harbor Drive. The complainant told him that an hour prior he received a call from a phone number in reference to his grandson being in jail. He was told by the caller to prepare a large sum of cash and call them back. The complainant then called his grandson who advised him that it was a scam and not to mail any cash. The complainant did not get any funds and Officer Nagell advised him not to engage any future callers. He stated that he was told a Brinks truck would be by to pick up the money. Case closed.


Jan. 30


2:18 p.m.

Officer Vogt responded to Binnacle Point Drive in reference to a rescue. Upon arrival, it was found that a developer’s employee was working in a ditch removing a water pipe. He was told the pipe was not pressurized. Once he started to unsecure the pipe, it was pressurized and it struck him in his chest/stomach area. He had obvious injuries to his chest/stomach and was taken to Blake Hospital.

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