On Patrol Longboat Key – Week ending January 11, 2019

The following are actual police reports as written by Longboat Key Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

Jan. 4

Dog found

1:48 p.m.

Officer Schoepfer responded to 5800 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in reference to a found dog. Upon arrival, Officer Schoepfer located a tag on the dog with a phone number. Officer Schoepfer called the phone number and reached the dog’s owner who was out looking for the dog. She said her dog climbed under or over the fence and escaped. Officer met with the owner and returned the dog to her.


Jan. 8

Property damage

4:16 p.m.

Capt. Skinner responded to police department and spoke with the complainant who stated that she had backed out of a space in Durante Park and when she pulled forward her vehicle struck a rock. The complainant pointed out the front left corner of her vehicle as the point of contact. The complainant had a plastic bumper insert that had been dislodged from her vehicle. Capt. Skinner did note scratches to the lower level of the front left bumper. Capt. Skinner responded to Durante Park with the complainant she pointed out a rock that was approximately two feet long by one foot wide and 16 inches high. The rock was located in the cul-de-sac near the pavilion. There were recent tire track up to the rock. Capt. Skinner observed the rock was adjacent to the normal vehicle travel area. Capt. Skinner did move the rock away from the travel area to prevent any future problems. He photographed the rock and the images were submitted to property and evidence.


Vessel damage

7:31 p.m.

Officer Ascencio responded to Harbourside Drive in reference to a boat incident. Officer Ascencio spoke to the caller who stated that her husband hit a channel marker and the vessel was taking on water. She further stated to dispatch that the vessel sunk and there were four people in the water. The vessel was later found at the Moorings. It was not taking on water and nobody was found to be injured. The driver admitted to hitting a channel marker and stated that his boat suffered very little damage. The marker that was damaged is located leaving the Moorings. It was the approximately the third marker on the south side. The marker was broken an only about a foot was above the water. The vessel did have a small knick out of the fiberglass on the starboard side toward the bow of the boat and above the water line. No fuel was leaking from the vessel. Rescue medically checked out the caller and she refused transport to a hospital.


99 and doing fine

9:33 p.m.

Officer Ascencio responded to Publix for a welfare check. The caller stated that the man was walking in dark clothing and was elderly. Officer Ascencio found the subject walking near the CVS. He stated he was 99 years old and could not be kept inside. He also stated he was fine. The subject did have a flashlight with him and appeared in good health.


Suspicious incident

10:45 p.m.

Officer Ascencio responded to Twin Shores Road on a report of a suspicious incident. Upon arrival, Officer Ascencio spoke to the caller who stated that he noticed a light on in the residence across the street. He further stated that no one has lived there for a while because the homeowner is medically unable to live there. Officer Ascencio checked the perimeter of the home. He did find the north side sliding glass door unsecured. Officer Ascencio and Sgt. Coffman cleared the home. It was obvious that no one had lived there for some time. Officers shut off the light but were unable to secure the door.


Jan. 9


9:21 a.m.

Officer Nagell met with a complainant at Cedar St. regarding an incident that occurred on Jan. 8 around 10:45 p.m. He advised that an unknown white vehicle came speeding by very close to him while riding his bike. The complainant did not call last evening as it was late. He did not see the driver, or the vehicle tag and said that he only heard a neighbor speaking to the driver prior to the incident. Officer Nagell advised the man to call immediately in the future.


Jan. 10

Noise disturbance

11:40 a.m.

Officer Nagell responded to 2300 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in reference to a noise complaint. The complainant said that her neighbor above her unit is making noise all hours of the day and she went to tell him to stop and he became upset with her. Officer Nagell met with the man who related that this is not the first time she has complained about noise, however he said that he is not the one making noise. In the past, the woman has stated that noise was coming from his unit when no one is at home, or all occupants are asleep. Officer Nagell advised him and the complainant that they should contact their association in regards to noise as there were several contractors in the building at the time of the call.


Lost property

12:51 p.m.

Officer Hodo responded to the police station in reference to lost computer. The complainant stated that she lost her small computer and has no idea where she lost it. The woman stated that the last time she saw it was on Jan. 1 in her residence. She stated that she has to look more thorough at her residence because the computer may be under some unpacked boxes. She said that she could not find the serial number for the computer. No further investigation at this time.


Noise disturbance

3:55 p.m.

Officer Hodo responded to a condominium in reference to a noise disturbance. Officer Hodo made contact with the caller who stated she keeps hearing construction noise coming from her upstairs neighbor’s unit. She stated that she has called the police before about the same matter. The woman said that the noise is constant. Officer Hodo did not hear any noise from the upstairs neighbor’s unit while he was at the residence. No further investigation.

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