Langley withdraws from Town Commission election run

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Longboat Key Town Commission candidate Randy Langley told Longboat Key News that he is withdrawing from his bid to win the At-Large District seat.


Langley is up against Planning and Zoning Board member Mike Haycock and due to face off in the March election to replace incumbent Commissioner Jim Brown who also withdrew from the race last month.

One of the main reasons Langley said he was running was to bring outside ideas and a fresh voice to the Commission. He added that he realized after speaking with candidate Haycock that Haycock is not in lock-step with many of the historically-entrenched commissioners and that his relative youth and energy will be an asset.

“I do want to sit on the Commission and plan to run, but I do not see the wisdom in opposing someone who, in my view, seems to be bringing merit to the board,” said Langley.

Langley said he plans to wait this election out and believes that Haycock will make the board stronger and that he will run at a future date.

Another factor is Langley said he is in the middle of overseeing all of the details of construction of his family bayfront residence on a large parcel on the north end of the key as well as other development projects.

Langley said he had spoken with Haycock and they both agree in the role of the commission to focus on setting policy and to not micro manage and to simply allow the staff to run the town.

With Langley leaving the race, there will be no contested elections and two current commissioners, Mayor George Spoll and Commissioner Jack Daly, will regain their seats unopposed.

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