Sarasota plans more roundabouts and St. Armands traffic calming

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The City of Sarasota wants to add what it calls two “raised crosswalks” on St. Armands Circle in an effort to slow traffic and increase pedestrian safety.

The raised crosswalks would be placed at the approach to the circle from downtown Sarasota and the other as traffic heads to Longboat Key and exits the circle.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has asked the city commission to place the project on a priority list with the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) due to safety concerns.

At last week’s Longboat Key Town Commission meeting, Mayor George Spoll took issue with the measures being instigated by the FDOT and the city at St. Armands Circle.

Spoll referred to the raised devices as traffic calming speed tables and he encouraged residents to cut through the residential neighborhoods around the Circle to show an element of protest against the plan if it manifests.

“I support that type of warfare, if that happens,” said Spoll.

The recommendation for the roundabouts are for the intersection of U.S. 41 and Boulevard of the Arts. The other roundabout proposed is for the intersection of Coconut Ave. and Second Street in the downtown core.

The city staff said it could take up to five years for state funding and construction of these proposals.

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