Get ready to pay for privilege to park on St. Armands Circle

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Visitors and shoppers at St. Armands Circle will soon have to pay for the priveledge of parking.

Last week, more than 30 pay stations were installed around the circle and the adjacent roadways.

City Manager Tom Barwin says staff will be testing the pay stations over the coming weeks and they will become operational after the parking garage that is being built next to the Fire Station is completed next month.

The City Commission narrowly approved the installation of parking meters in a 3-2 vote last August.

The meters are an integral part of the City Commission’s funding plan to pay for the parking garage, which is costing $12 million. Both the garage and metered parking are part of the revenue assumption that is paying for the bonds to fund the garage in addition to a smaller percentage that is being paid by the business taxing district on St. Armands Circle.

The City plans to charge $1.50 per hour to park on the circle, $1 per hour along the perimeter of the circle, and $.50 per hour to park in the garage. The hours for paid parking are proposed to be from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. The pay stations will take coins or credit or debit cards and the city says there will be an app so paying through a smart phone will be possible. The rates will be color coded, with green on the circle, yellow on the periphery of the circle, and purple in the parking lots behind the circle.

Once the parking program on St. Armands Circle is in place, the City plans to implement paid parking Downtown along portions of Main Street and Palm Avenue prior to May 2019.

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5 Responses for “Get ready to pay for privilege to park on St. Armands Circle”

  1. Sunny Gravy says:

    Eliminate the Parking Dept and have their duties taken over by the Police Department. This will eliminate any Parking Dept. deficit. The Police Dep,t as we all know, does not run at a deficit. Police officers riding around on those scooters will de doing double duty, deterring crime and those dasterdly double parker’s.

  2. Monique Govostes says:

    It is completely normal to pay for a parking place. Some of the spots are being used all day by the same people. People working there should have free parking but not in front of their place of work. Just my opinion.

  3. Nancy trotta says:

    Terrible idea. Was tried before and didn’t work will hurt merchants. We have lived here 25 years and never had a parking problem. Takes you guys to mess it it up

  4. Rob Gamer says:

    Share with the people that are affected the revenue that the city is planning to get. Installation alone, plus hardware has to run around $800,000.

  5. Al Hixon says:

    For those employed on the circle- they just got a decrease in their take home pay- but they will still have to pay income tax on the $ they did not get to take home.

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