Editorial Letters – Week ending December 7, 2018

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Maybe we need wall to protect Florida from wayward voters

To: Editor

In his recent column, Peter O’Connor provided some interesting information on unexpected voting patterns related to the election of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in New York City; i.e., she received stronger support from voters “who were highly educated, white and richer than her district as a whole.”

In Florida we had a race for Governor between Andrew Gillum, an African American Democrat who subscribed to the far left so called progressive policies of Bernie Sanders and others.

His opponent, Ron DeSantis is a white, conservative Republican who pledged to pretty much continue the programs of his predecessor Rick Scott.

Voting patterns are generally predictable but as in the case cited by Peter O’Connor the Florida Governor’s race provided a very significant departure from the norm which accounted for the slim 33,000 vote margin which elected DeSantis.

Even more interesting is that most of the media ignored the story which I only saw covered by the Miami Herald and the Wall Street Journal as follows:

When Jeb Bush was Governor he initiated a Charter School Program, which has become very popular and grown substantially.

The greatest beneficiaries of these schools are minorities, particularly African American kids who are trapped in bad public schools. Teacher’s Unions fight tooth and nail against Charter Schools since they provide competition, which they do not like.

In fact, the Teacher’s Union went to court in an attempt to do away with Charters but they lost.

Republicans support Charter Schools and Democrats strongly oppose them. One of Gillum’s major contributors was the Teacher’s Union.

The huge departure from the norm, which assured the election of DeSantis is that 100,000 African American women cast votes against Gillum.

Both the Miami Herald and the Wall Street Journal attributed this departure to the fact that African American mothers voted for DeSantis in order to protect the continuation and further expansion of Charters, which have huge waiting lists, which are awarded by lottery.

Another surprise in this election was an unusually large number of white, educated voters who supported Gillum.

I am sure that many of these voters relocated to Florida in order to escape high tax and spend States like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts all of which have become financial basket cases.

It seems like another definition of insanity when these people come to a financially healthy State like Florida and then vote to someone like Gillum whose policies would turn Florida into another New Jersey which they left in order to escape.

If you go to Mercatus.com you can view the 2018 ranking of States for financial health which shows Florida #4 and each of the other States named above in the bottom 10.

Maybe we need a wall around Florida to protect us from these wayward voters who would destroy what both Republican and excellent moderate Democratic Governors like Bob Graham worked hard to build.

Bill Allen

Longboat Key


Red tide effect on humans ignored

To: Editor

The red tide toxin has poisoned many of the creatures that live in our area of the Gulf, from fish, to dolphins, to turtles, to birds. What has been virtually ignored is the effect that it may be having on humans. The toxin when aerosolized and inhaled causes coughing which people tolerate without realizing that the poison is passing into their lungs causing potential damage and may even be absorbed into their bloodstream through their lungs. Although no specific studies have been done it is almost certain that this toxin is harmful to people. I believe that this constitutes a public health emergency and that Federal and/or State money should be requested too kill the algae. Mote Marine is not equipped or chartered to perform this service and an industrial consultation should be obtained to find out if there is some chemical treatment that will kill this evil plant. We cannot afford to wait for water temperature to fall, if it ever does, to end this particular round of red tide.

Philip H. Zweifach, MD

Clinical Professor, Weill Cornell Medical College

Longboat Key


All residents concerned by zoning

To: Commissioner Jack Daly

I just wanted to bring to your attention that there are many more segments of the community who are both interested in and affected by town zoning, not just developers and certain people of note who share a vision for the coastline of this island resembling Boca Raton. Please try to first find out how the wind of general consensus blows. Then work towards a zoning solution that is optimal for all the residents, not just a few special case condominiums and developers.

Gene Jaleski

Longboat Key


The Shore Restaurant lighting

To: Mayor George Spoll

We are writing concerning the required lighting and landscaping at the Shore restaurant.  We own the home directly across from the restaurant parking at 789 Broadway.  It is our understanding that the lighting will be quite bright, more suited to a commercial strip mall than a residential neighborhood and the very large trees are being required for the landscaping.  Our request is that the lighting be allowed to be subtle, yet safe, and aesthetically pleasing.  Perhaps the lights could be fewer, shielded, or uplighting could be used rather than the traditional large poles with lights.  The same goes for the required trees, perhaps less is more.

We have talked with some of the neighbors and they feel the same way.  There are at least five home across from the Shore that will be directly affected, and several that will be affected on Russell Street.

We realize that this may require some new interpretation of the rules and some out of the box thinking, but would like to make our concerns known to you and the rest of the Commission.  Thank you for your consideration.

Brian and Karen Feeney

Longboat Key

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