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David Friedlander writing in Politico Magazine, November/December:

As printed in The Wall Street Journal, November 2, 2018

“New York’s 14th Congressional District is more than 70 percent people of color, and 50 percent Hispanic.  [Alexandria] Ocasio-Cortez, who was born in the Bronx to a Puerto Rican mother, fit the district’s changing demographics,  and neatly fit a larger narrative of a national Democratic Party in which increasing  progressivism and diversity go hand in hand.

But a closer examination of the data tells a different different story.  Ocasio-Cortez’s best precincts were highly educated, whiter and richer than than the district as a whole. In those neighborhoods,  Ocasio-Cortez clobbered Crowley by 70 percent or more.  [Rep.Joe] Crowley’s best precincts, meanwhile, were the working-class African-American enclave of LeFra City, where he got more than 60 percent of the vote, and portions of heavily Hispanic.  He piled some of his best numbers in Ocasio-Cortez’s heavily Latino  and Aftican-American neighborhood of Parkchester in the Bronx – beating her by more than 25 points on her home turf.

Ocasio-Cortez . . .hadn’t been all but vaulted into Congress by the party’s diversity, or a blue-collar base looking to even the playing field, She won because she had galvanized those people.  “It was the Bernie Bros,” one top Crowley advisor said as he surveyed the wreckage the day after the election.  “They killed us.”

(This is another of New York City’s district which crosses Borough  Lines; in this case Queens and The Bronx. One might note that Queens is the original home of The President, and your correspondent. I’m from Elmhurst.)

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