On Patrol Longboat Key – Week ending November 9, 2018

The following are actual police reports as written by Longboat Key Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

Oct. 27

Coyote sighting

9:59 a.m.

Officer Smith was dispatched to 3200 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive for a reported sighting of a coyote. Officer Smith arrived and the coyote was gone upon arrival. Officer Smith made contact with the caller and he indicated the coyote appeared to be acting normal. The caller sent a video of the coyote moving north on the beach, Officer Smith observed the video and it appeared the coyote was healthy and acting normal. Officer Smith informed the caller of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission report presented to the town commission and where they could find the presentation on the town website.


Public service

10:58 a.m.

Officer Reno was dispatched to the waters off Putter Lane in the Country Shores area regarding partially submerged piping. Officer Reno was able to locate the pipe and spoke with Sgt. Smith who advised he was aware of a construction project taking place in the area. The pipe was being marked with small buoys that made it difficult to see for passing boats, especially in inclement weather. Officer Reno and Officer Connors were able to anchor a hazard buoy next to the pipe for better visibility. Officer Reno will continue to monitor the area to make sure the buoy stays in place. Sgt. Smith advised he will be doing follow-up contacts with the town to get word to the contractor about the situation.


Oct. 29

Marijuana and paraphernalia

10:02 a.m.

Officer Ascencio while on patrol observed a Dodge Ram with a driver not wearing his seatbelt. The vehicle was also an alert by the camera at south Bay Isles Road for the owner having a suspended driver’s license. Officer Ascencio then initiated a traffic stop on the truck. The driver stated the owner of the truck was his wife and handed over his driver’s license. The license was expired as of May 26. Officer Ascencio could also smell marijuana coming from the truck. When asked about the marijuana, the driver handed over a small clear plastic baggy weighing two grams of marijuana and a glass pipe. The driver was issued a citation for the seatbelt and for the expired driver’s license. He was also issued a notice to appear for the marijuana and pipe. The marijuana tested positive. It and the pipe and expired driver’s license were placed into evidence. The driver was able to get a driver with a valid driver’s license to driver him and the truck away from the scene.


Nov. 2

Abandoned boat

6:30 p.m.

Officer Bidwell responded to Mistletoe Lane and Harbourside Drive in reference to an unattended jet ski seen floating in the bay. Upon his arrival in the area the skies were very overcast due to a recent storm and the available daylight was quickly fading. Officer Bidwell was able to see a jet ski adrift about a mile out from the shoreline and possibly two miles north of the moorings. Officer Bidwell asked dispatch to see if any law enforcement Marine assets were available and the requet met with negative results. Officer Bidwell then asked for Longboat Key Fire Department Fireboat Marine 9 to respond to the area. Longboat Key Fire Department Battalion Chief Parker met both myself and Officer Vogt on Mistletoe Lane. The three of them using binoculars could barely make out the outline of the jet ski as darkness set in. chief Parker vectored Marine 9 into the area where the jet ski was last observed. Marine 9 searched the area and was unable to locate the jet ski. Marine 9 eventually terminated the search in the area of the Inter-coastal Waterway Markers, Red 21, Green 23. Chief Parker advised he would contact the U.S. Coast Guard and ask that a warning to all mariners be issued as the jet ski was still adrift in the area. Captain Skinner was advised of this call.


Traffic violation

10:40 a.m.

Sgt. Coffman responded to a small trailer being pulled by a Toyota Corolla and the trailer had no working lights and no visible tag. Sgt. Coffman stopped the vehicle in the 6100 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive and explained to the driver why he had stopped him. He said he did not normally use this trailer and was unaware that the tag was missing and the lights not working. He said he would take care of the issues when he got home. Sgt. Coffman issued the driver a written warning for the violations.


Suspicious circumstance

9:21 p.m.

Officer Vogt responded to 5900 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive when he noticed an open door leading to the garage. Officer Vogt notified dispatch then entered the garage to make sure it was clear and to see if the inside of the house was entered. The car inside the garage checked out and the door leading to the house was secure. After checking the door again, the door knob appeared to be broken and is not able to be re-secured. It appeared like the door had been like this for a while.


Nov. 6

Public service

8:21 a.m.

Officer Nazareno was dispatched to a public service call in reference to a large dock piling on the sandbar near mile marker 34 on Lyon’s Bay. Officer Nazareno then advised the dispatcher that the police office does not currently have any Marine Units in service. Officer Nazareno also contacted the caller and told him over the phone that Longboat Police who did not have any marine units in service the time of the call. An email was sent to Longboat Police Marine Officer Reno and Public Works Department requesting them to check the area as soon as possible. Nothing further.


Parking violation

10:54 a.m.

Officer Bergeron responded to 1700 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in reference to a car hauler parked in the middle median of the 1700 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Officer Bergeron made contact with the driver and advised him that he will have to move the truck. Officer Bergeron advised him that he will need to make arrangements with the vehicle’s owner to have it off loaded other than the middle of the roadway. Nothing further.


Code enforcement

12:12 p.m.

Officer Nagell was notified Captain Skinner of several signs advertising Dr. Green Relief Cannibis cards located in several areas of the key. Officers Connors, Hodo and Officer Nagell collected the signs for safe keeping as they were in violation of the town’s sign code. The 29 signs were bundled and placed in the police department for safekeeping. Officer Nagell attempted to contact the company by way of the 800 number on the signs however this was a commercial 800 number with no operator or anyone who answered. The signs were inventoried and forwarded to property and evidence.


Nov. 8


5:09 p.m.

Officer Smith was dispatched to 4400 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive to perform a welfare check. The complainant had noted that the subject had left Blake Memorial Hospital without being fully evaluated. The patient had pulled the IV out of her arm. Upon arrival, Officer Smith was met by Officer Ascencio. They observed two Manatee Sheriff’s Officers. They stated they were conducting an eviction process at the woman’s condominium unit. They posted a notice on the door and had changed the locks to the property. At this time, the subject was not at the residence. Next, Officers Smith and Ascencio met with the building manager who stated that if the subject showed up at the complex, he wanted to sign a trespass warning against her. A short time later, the woman was observed driving in the parking lot. Officer Smith made contact with her and saw she had blood on her arms. She said they were from IV needles. Officer Ascencio called Longboat Key Fire Rescue to the scene. When Rescue arrived, they determined that the woman was physically and mentally okay. Next, Officer Ascencio called the complainant from Blake Memorial Hospital. She said they did not fully evaluate the patient before she pulled the IV out of her arm and left the hospital. A Trespass Warning was issued to the woman and signed by the complainant. The woman was advised by Captain Skinner, Officer Ascencio and Officer Smith not to come back to the property or she would be arrested for trespassing.

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