Medical Director Steve Newman steps down

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The Medical Director for Longboat Key and all of Sarasota County, Dr. Steve Newman, retired this week.

At the Longboat Key Commission meeting on Monday, Fire Chief Paul Dezzi presented Dr. Newman with a plaque commemorating his service. Dr. Newman, who is also a Longboat Key resident, accepted the plaque and said a few words about his career.

“I didn’t realize what a real small town feel Longboat Key has. It has some of the best EMS in the county. We’re blessed to have some wonderful hospitals, none as good as Sarasota Memorial Hospital. In my career, I’ve received more than I’ve given, and I’ve learned more than I’ve taught,” said Dr. Newman.

Dr. Johnson will be taking Dr. Newman’s role as Medical Director for Longboat Key and Sarasota County, after serving 15 years as Associate Medical Director under Dr. Newman.

Dezzi has worked with Dr. Newman throughout his entire career, and said Dr. Newman has been a great friend and mentor to him.

“He would make the room calm, no matter what the emergency was. His dedication to this position is incredible. I can’t tell you how many lives Dr. Newman has saved, but it’s way too many to count. Dr. Newman has always said to ‘listen to your patients, they know themselves better than you do, and to do the right thing.’ He has been responsible for overseeing 2 million people in patient care in Sarasota County. And when you went in to see Dr. Newman, you always left the meeting feeling better about yourself no matter whether you were being rewarded or reprimanded. He is a great Medical Director and friend,” said Dezzi.

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