Editorial Letters – Week ending November 9, 2018

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Pedestrian Crossings

To: Editor

We totally agree with the suggestion by Stephen Spotte in the last edition of Longboat Key News to change the flashing lights to red. When the new style crossings were installed it was a great improvement but they did miss a trick.

At night the flashing lights aren’t too difficult to spot but far less so in bright daylight as they tend not to be as noticeable against the large yellow warning signs.

Surely it is such an insignificant cost not to trial Red lights and possibly prevent a future accident.

Martin and Barbara Ashford

United Kingdom


Mote Scientific Foundation, Inc.

To: Town Commission

Mayor Spoll and Commissioners;  Good afternoon.  John Patterson and I represent the Mote Scientific Foundation, Inc., the Owner of a 1.8 acre property located at 5630 Gulf of Mexico Drive between Jungle Queen Way and Tarawit Drive. We are requesting the Town Commission to authorize a Referendum for the March 2019 election to ask Town electors to approve residential use of the property as required by the Town Charter and Comprehensive Plan (in lieu of gathering required signatures) and as outlined in the attached letter to the Mayor. The parcel is zoned Limited Commercial C-1 and has been unmarketable for Commercial use since at least 2003 since it was listed for sale.  Therefore it remains vacant as an underutilized asset to the Owner and the Town.  You may recall we attempted this two years ago after the Town Commission authorized it, however the presence of the Colony Referendum for density which was soundly defeated, overshadowed this item and a majority vote was not successful. We are hopeful for a successful outcome this time around. .

Bruce E. Franklin

President, Land Resource Strategies, LLC


Mote Scientific Foundation, Inc.

To: Town Clerk Trish Granger

You suggested I forward the material which was presented to the Town Commission when we processed our request for a Referendum for the Mote Foundation property two years ago.  As you can see from the attached our request of Mayor Duncan (at the time) and Commissioners remains the same.  The intent of the Foundation, assuming a Referendum for residential development is approved by the electors, is to sell the property, with proceeds benefiting the Foundation, for development of no more that 10 single family homes meeting the requirements of the R-6MX zone district.  Agreement by the Commission Monday simply authorizes staff to draft and Ordinance (the same one as 2 years ago) to place the matter on the March, 2019 ballot, which will be heard in 2 subsequent hearings (11/13 and 12/3).  It in no way binds the Commission to a future Comprehensive Plan Amendment, Rezoning or Site Plan which can only be filed and processed through normal Town procedures after the March referendum, assuming it is approved by the voters.

The attached exhibits are the same ones presented 2 years ago in an attempt to convey the intent of future redevelopment of the property based on future applications.  Again, we are not asking the Commission anything other than to have the request to allow future residential use of the property to be placed on the March, 2019 ballot.  If I can provide anything further please let me know and, of course, I would be happy to speak with Commissioners directly and I can be reached at 724-0123.  Again, thank you for your assistance.

Bruce E. Franklin

President, Land Resource Strategies, LLC

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