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According to the City of Sarasota, an emergency beach renourishment will start within two weeks on Lido Key Beach.

The news spells at least some modicum of relief for residents and business owners who have witnessed a threatening level of erosion along Lido Key’s shoreline.

City staff says the project should take about three months and sand dredged from New Pass will be used to buttress the shoreline.

Coastal Dredging LLC was awarded the bid for the work at a cost of $3.943 million. The sand will be placed on the mid and southern sections of Lido Beach. The beach has not been renourished since winter 2015 and the City has urged the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to approve the permits, which it did last month.

In total, a little less than 200,000 cubic yards of sand will be dredged from New Pass and deposited during the project. The accumulated sand in New Pass has and is used by both the City of Sarasota and the Town of Longboat Key on an alternating basis for renourishment projects.

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