Longboat Key Letters – Week ending October 26, 2018

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Editorial about Vern Buchanan

To: Editor

I am asking you to include this letter in your newspaper. Vern Buchanan is a dangerous Congressman who needs to be removed from office.  The following are three very important points concerning his recent voting record.

1. Voted to remove health care – scrap National Health Care  (Obamacare)

2. Voted to take away protections and rights of disabled persons – American’s Disabilities Act

3. Vern Buchanan has done everything possible to make sure people as young as 18 years old and people with mental illness can buy assault rifles and go on mass killing sprees.

For these and many other reasons but particularly, he voted to take away our health care and take away protections for people with pre-existing conditions, he should not be returned to Congress.

Donna Grace

Longboat Key


Dropped envelope

To: Editor

The other day I dropped an envelope addressed to my son in Connecticut and on retracing my steps along Gulf of Mexico Drive I could not find it.  However, my son called me last night to say he had received it. Therefore I am very grateful to the kind person who picked it up and put it in the mailbox, especially as it was a card celebrating his 9th Anniversary with his girlfriend!

P. Nicki Bergin

Longboat Key


Red tide and parking meter headlines in Herald-Tribune

To: City of Sarasota Commission

The St. Armand’s Merchants have been hit hard enough by the prevailing red tides every year and some years are worse than others. We do not need our local paper to exaggerate the problem! Giant headlines saying “Red tide is back” with a little question mark at the end and then an article saying ‘if’ the storm comes and ‘if’ the winds and currents change!  ‘If’ does not mean it is back and we have customers calling form all over the world asking if this is true and wondering if they should come to Sarasota this season!  This is not only hurting St. Armands, but Sarasota as a whole destination!

The Tribune has also done nothing to help St. Armands to keep parking meters out of here until they are put downtown! What is fair about putting parking meters on the pearl of Sarasota, St. Armand’s Circle, and no where else in the entire city? Let’s have a campaign to be fair!  If the deficit is so bad we need parking meters in the first place, why are the parking garages free for the first 3 hours? Charge a nominal amount to park in them and start balancing the budget now! Don’t expect the St. Armands customers to pay for the downtown garages! Getting fed up with unfair reporting and unfair parking decisions!

Joan Morgan

Dream Weaver


Beach debris

To: Mayor Liz Alpert

On Lido Beach, directly in front of the Pavilion, there has been old concrete debris for years. It’s a horrible eye sore and a hazardous liability for visitors. With the recent beach erosion the debris is no longer buried by the sand but very much exposed. This would be an optimal time to have the debris (or much of it) easily removed; Simple enough for our own Facilities Division or Public Works. This way it doesn’t start popping through the sand years after the replenishment.

With the Beach Replenishment to begin, I hope that you could look into this request soon.  Attached is a photo of the area. Thank you for your consideration with improving the looks of our beautiful beach.

Paul & Kathy Wysocki



Beach debris

To: Paul and Kathy Wysocki

Thanks for sending that photo. I had not seen that. I am copying the city managers to see if there is anything that we can do. I agree with you that it would make sense to deal with it before piling sand on top of it again.

Liz Alpert


City of Sarasota


Beach debris

To: City of Sarasota Commission

Some of the debris from the long gone Casino, which was much, much larger than the current pavilion, will be removed in conjunction with the Beach Renourishment project. Larger items which may create voids will again be covered with a sand buffer as they have been over past few decades.

Tom Barwin

City Manager

City of Sarasota


Lido Beach meeting date; Keep Lido as is!

To: City of Sarasota Commission

Please set the meeting date to vote on Lido beach for January. We know people that won’t be here until then and need their input!

Keep Lido as is!  We love how small and personal it is!

Diane Schewe



Lido Beach meeting date

To: Diane Schewe

Thanks for reaching out to me with your thoughts on the Lido Pavilion proposed meeting date. I believe that the Dec 17, 2018 Lido Pavilion meeting date is no longer being considered. However, I do believe Dec 11, 2018 and other dates in January 2019 are being considered.

I have copied the City Manager on this email and he will respond with the latest choices, which will be discussed at the City Commission meeting on Nov 5, 2018. Please feel free to weigh in on the new proposed date choices. Thanks so much for your continued involvement in our community!

Jen Ahearn-Koch

Vice Mayor

City of Sarasota

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