Longboat Key Letters – Week ending October 19, 2018

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Town Planning Consultant terminated

To: Town Commission

Commissioners,  FYI.  The Town has notified our planning consultant (CGA) that we intend to terminate our contract with them for the rewrite of the zoning code.  The agreement requires putting the consultant firm on notice and gives them time to address the concerns. They have not been able to meet our requirements to bring the project to closure and believe we are better able to complete the current phase without their assistance.

The staff has advised me that they expect to be able to carry forward the work completed to date by CGA as part of an updated zoning code that would be presented to the Planning Commission at their December Meeting and then ultimately to the Town Commission after the first of the year.  I will notify you once the firm responds to our notice.

Thomas A. Harmer,

Town Manager

Longboat Key


Beach Conditions Update

To: Town Commission

Commissioners, FYI. After Hurricane Michael cleared out the staff did an initial assessment of our beaches. See report below and attached pictures. It appears that the central part of the island fared well but we have had some erosion on both the north and south ends of the Key. As the conditions stabilize they will be monitoring and doing further assessments but I wanted to share the initial review.

Thomas A. Harmer

Town Manager

Town of Longboat Key


Beach Conditions Update

To: Town Manager Tom Harmer

James and I conducted a preliminary review of the beach profile conditions on Thursday October 11th.  This was after the storm surge from Hurricane Michael had passed a bit.  What we found fairly consistently was that the beach conditions south of Gulfside Road were generally favorable; in fact, it looks as though Michael “pushed” sand onto the dry beach from a potential  near-shore sill that is normally under water but within our design template (see 1st attached graphic).  This was generally the condition all the way to the south until about the Privateer location.  Some more pronounced example photos are attached (chair 1, chair 2, Diplomat).

Areas north of Gulfside Road did not have the same situation; observations look as though moderate to significant erosion took place leaving some escarpments and eroded conditions (for example, Longbeach Condo photo – this area had already experienced erosion prior to the storm as well).  Also by observation, it looks as though a good portion of the new North Shore Road sand placement that was just completed was “moved” from its location between and just north of the groin cell to Greer Island.  In other words, Greer Island is now several feet higher than it was with sand coloration matching that of what was placed with the project (see Greer photos).

We will continue to assess conditions and have aerial flyovers performed.  We would like to give time for the beach system to equilibrate relative to the storm passing through before conducting further analysis and/or drawing final conclusions on gains or losses.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Isaac Brownman

Director Public Works

Longboat Key


Village Streets

To: Commissioner Ed Zunz

I hope you are recovering well after your surgery and back up and getting into your normal life. I was wondering if you could help out with getting the town to come through the village streets and clean up all the storm debris that lines almost all the streets. It’s now been several days since the hurricane Michael and yet even after sending the town messages we still have debris everywhere.

I thank you in advance for your anticipated help. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Have a great day!

Michael Drake

Longboat Key


To: Commissioner Jim Brown

Imagine the impact on Town of Longboat Key’s “speed of business” if everyone could access corporate directories, voicemail, mobile apps and integration with Salesforce, Box, Dropbox and Google — from any mobile device!

Plus Ring Central Cloud VoIP provides easy:

• Direct extension dialing for remote locations and mobile workers

• Web meetings, voice and video conferencing, online fax and long distance all included

Thanks for referring me to your colleague in charge of your Business Phone system at Town of Longboat Key.

Bradford Bowers

Business Development Rep.

Ring Central, Inc.


Phone System on Longboat Key

To: Commissioner Jim Brown

I’m writing to request a referral to the executive responsible for the phones at TOWN of Longboat Key, typically the VP/Director of Operations or IT, to discuss the solution outlined below.

Is your current phone system:

– Inflexible and costly to maintain?

– Incapable of supporting mobile communications?

– A money pit of add-on fees for basic features?

Is an aging PBX consuming IT resources? Is fear of system failure keeping you awake at night?

If you answered “yes,” then you’re losing money. But a quick conversation with Ring Central will show you how you can save 60% or more by replacing your on-premise hardware with a cloud phone system.

For one low monthly fee you get:

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• Access to directories, voicemail, mobile apps, plus integration with Salesforce, Box, Dropbox and Google

• Minimal IT oversight with automatic “in the cloud” updates and self-service portal

• Disaster Recovery — with triple-layer redundancy, load-balancing and failover technology

If you’re looking to add new locations or advanced IP phone features — or if your current contract is ending in 6 months or less — let’s discuss why more than 300,000 customers trust Ring Central to provide powerful business communications with NO upfront costs.

I’d like to arrange a brief call, and thank you in advance for your referral to the appropriate executive. A reply and cc: with their names would be best.

Bradford Bowers

Business Development Rep

Ring Central, Inc.


We are not a youthful and we are seasonal…

To: Editor

In response to the letter objecting to my calling Longboat Key a seasonal Retirement Community. I believe that Longboat Key is the oldest small town demographically in America. The town says there are 6,800 year-round residents, and 9,500 residential units. Not counting Peak tourism, there are enough beds on Longboat Key for 19,000 people, or three times as many as there are year-round residents. I wonder what the letter writer thinks is seasonal?

My position on fiber cable is not that there should be no cable but that we should optimize the cost benefits of whatever cable is here.

Gene Jaleski

Longboat Key


Frontier potential worth exploring

To: Editor

It would seem that in rapidly changing technology, it would make sense to explore the Frontier potential. It may mean a little delay, but in the long run could be more cost effective for taxpayers on Longboat Key.

Alice Lald

Longboat Key

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