Waves take a toll on Lido Beach

The Gulf of Mexico has been churning, creating some of the biggest waves seen at Lido Beach in the past six years, ranging from 4 to 6 feet high. That wave action pounded into the shore relentlessly for a couple of days.

At the start of hurricane season, The City of Sarasota Public Works crews filled oversized sand bags, called Trap Bags, and strategically placed them in two locations as a line of defense to protect the dunes and infrastructure near the Lido pavilion. One row of bags  — 4 feet high, 550 feet long and weighing 530 tons in total — was placed in front of the dunes; the other in front of the pavilion to protect the concession stand, restrooms, walkways and swimming pool

Many of the trap bags protecting the sand dunes were wiped out by tidal action last Wednesday morning. The good news, though, according to City Manager Tom Barwin, is the traps worked as intended.  In total, the beach lost 1-2 feet of dunes.

With 6-8 weeks remaining in hurricane season, and Tropical Storm Nadine spinning in the Atlantic Ocean with an uncertain path, The City is in the process of assessing the viability of procuring more beach-quality sand to fill more Trap Bags and position them again along the dunes.  This would help protect public assets and the beach until the emergency renourishment gets underway no later than mid-November.

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