Author chronicles haunted Manatee sites in new book

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Manatee County author Liz Reed lives in and between two worlds.

In the more pragmatic realm of her life, she works as an assistant to Tina, owner of Tina’s Beauty Salon on Longboat Key. But far from the world of shampoos and hairstyling she works in another world tracking both the historical sightings of ghosts in Manatee County and the region at large as well as seeking out the souls as she says who have not completely crossed over to the afterlife.

Most recently, Reed has published “Haunted Manatee County,” a book detailing dozens of haunted sites from Anna Maria Island to Cortez Village and throughout Downtown Bradenton and beyond.

Reed told Longboat Key News that she was able to “see things since she was three years old,” but while growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota her parents were not open or supportive of her ever-increasing ability to feel the presence of ghosts in the many areas she has lived.

Ever since moving to the area in 1993, Reed has pursued this ability and founded the Paranormal Society of Bradenton and offers tours and investigations of paranormal activity through her company, Downtown Bradenton & Bradenton Beach Ghost Tours.

Reed says that ghosts are souls that did not enter the afterlife because of either a tragic death, unfinished business or a suicide that leaves them inhabiting the realm between life and the afterlife.

She says that such souls can “cross over” if their issue becomes resolved.

Reed’s book fulfills a childhood dream to become a published author and photographer and represents significant amount of research about both the geography, crime scenes as well as historical ghost-sighting documentation.

‘Haunted Manatee County’ details specific locations such as the Hampton Inn in Bradenton as well as the records building and Manatee Historical Village as locales with ghostly presences. Other areas with sightings, such as on Anna Maria Island, were the scenes of violent homicides.

Often Reed writes that it visited at night, the sounds of children, gunshots, breathing or other manifestations can be heard depending on what occurred at any particular ghost hotspot.

Reed says ghosts will come to people only when the ghost or soul feels they are needed, not necessarily on demand or as desired.

‘Haunted Manatee County’ is available on Amazon, at Walmart, Target and Books-A-Million. A second book by Reed will come out likely at the end of next year and will chronicle Sarasota County haunted sites.

The book is published by Arcadia Publishing and can also be ordered by emailing: sales@arcadiapublishing.com.

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