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From John McCain’s speech accepting the Republican presidential nomination, September 4, 2008:

As printed in The Wall Street Journal, Monday August 27, 2018

    “I was in solitary confinement when my captives offered to release me  I knew why.  If I went home they would use it as propaganda to demoralize my fellow prisoners….  I wasn’t in great shape, and I missed  everything about America.  But I turned it down.

    A lot of prisoners had it worse than I did….I always tried to strut  a little after I’d been roughed up to show the other guys I was tough enough to take it.  But after I turned  down their offer, they worked me over harder than they ever had before.  For a long time.  And they broke me.

    When they brought me  back to my cell,  I was hurt and ashamed, and I didn’t know how I could face my fellow prisoners.  The good man in the cell next door, my friend Bob Craner, saved me.  Through taps on a  wall  he told me I had fought as hard as I could….  And then he told me to get back up and fight for my country.

    I fell in love with my country  when I was  prisoner in someone else’s.  I loved it not just for the many comforts of life here.  I loved it for its decency, for its faith in the wisdom, justice, and goodness of its people.  I loved it because it was not just a place , but an idea, a cause worth fighting for.  I was never the same again.  I wasn’t my own man anymore.  I was my country’s.”


Hoping for relief

I had hoped, against hope, that all our National Travail would be over by now.  We have a President – of all the people.  He, quite obviously has enemies, more than most people had imagined.  Well I guess that we should get on with the imagining.

Very close in time I was told again by a local “ worthy” in our Town to “Get off Trump.”  I guess I hadn’t taken that advice, when earlier given.  I think I’ve been rather generous to the President, and honest with my coverage for our readers.  Some have even told me so.

Continuing a tactic I learned here, I’ll quote myself now.  Rather recently I wrote the following for these pages.  In our Friday, August 3 Edition I opined  : “Trump was not my candidate.  Perhaps that was my mistake.  Thank you four your continued support.”

I voted neither for nor against President Trump.  I think I have been fair, informative and maybe even entertaining about him here. Both Donald Trump and I come from the Borough of Queens in the City of New York.  I think I get it!

I have been and am appalled with the treatment our President has and is receiving in other pages and in broadcast media.

So to my critics here I must say that we’ll call them as we see them, without any hope of removing the duly elected President.  I say again, Thanks for your support.


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