Pine tree removals could snarl traffic heading to St. Armands

Even though business may diminish in the off season, one of the great compensating factors for residents is traffic also declines.

This good news may come to an end because the City of Sarasota is about to begin construction in the Coon Key Bridge area between Saint Armands Circle and Downtown Sarasota.

Specifically, the City is embarking on the construction of the next phase of its multi-use recreational trail project which adds widened multi-use paths from the Coon Key Bridge to Adams Drive near Saint Armands Circle.

The construction is scheduled to begin in August. The project will also include the removal of all of the Australian pines within the public right-of-way along the segment of the roadway and a lane of traffic will be closed when this occurs.

Some residents may recall that it was the toppling of the Australian pine trees during Hurricane Irma that precluded the rapid reentry on to Lido and Longboat Key.

The City says it will plant suitable trees and easy-to-maintain plantings in its place. The work on the trees is what will impact traffic and that will occur first. The Australian pine removal work will require one lane to be closed as the work progresses on each side.

Once all of the trees are removed, the construction of the trail linking Saint Armands Circle to Coon Key Bridge will not require the closing of the lane.

In short, traffic could start to snarl in August and September to accommodate the Australian pine removals.

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