Longboat adopts revised sign code

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Longboat Key Town Commission after months of work on a sign code, approved last week a new set of regulations for the community.

The revised sign code regulates all commercial, institutional and residential signage on Longboat Key. The town embarked on the revision to comply with Supreme Court opinion and ruling that says municipalities cannot regulate signs based on content. On that note, the new code regulates based on size and duration and has eliminated the numerous categories of sign types.

Now, the new code allows for two temporary signs. One sign can be up to one square foot in size. Another temporary sign, up to three square feet can be placed on the property when it is under contract for rent, lease or sale.

It is the criteria of saying that you can have a larger sign when your house is for sale that led to Vice Mayor Ed Zunz to vote against the new code.

The commission amended the sign code to allow any non-conforming signs that were erected before July 9 to remain. This request came from Unicorp, which will now be allowed to keep its marketing sign that is placed at the entrance of the former Colony.

The new rules will take six months to go into effect.

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