Lifelong family friend buys Longboat Cleaners & Linen Services

Dana and John.

A plea from a sick friend entices a lifelong friend living in Brazil to come back home and take over Key Cleaners of Longboat Key. Dana, the previous owner of Key Cleaners & Linen Services, Inc., has recently become ill and has found it difficult to continue to manage her family business that has been on Longboat Key for 28 years. When talking to her lifelong friend John Biester on Facebook Messenger, she told him of the news that she was thinking of selling the business and asked if he was interested. John Biester who moved to Brazil to be with his Brazilian wife, daughter and step-daughter 6 years ago, said yes. John has moved back to the US and completed the purchase of Key Cleaners on May 24, 2018. John’s wife and daughters will be moving here as soon as immigration services permits. John’s son Anthony, from Minnesota, will be arriving to help out at the end of June.

Key Cleaners was first opened on Longboat Key by Fran and Veronica Hick in 1990. Fran and Veronica managed the business until Fran died 9 years ago. At that time, Dana, Fran and Veronica’s daughter took over the business. The Hick family has stated, “We are very happy the business is staying in the family.”

John Biester who has an extensive background in business has great plans for Key Cleaners. Dana will stay onboard part-time to help train and help John get to know the people of the island. John stated “that Dana and her family’s reputation for quality customer service, both retail and commercial, including professional hand pressed linens, provides a strong base to grow the business.

Key Cleaners is developing a website as we speak and there will also be a smartphone app that customers will be able to schedule a pick-up, drop off, track orders and even pay for the services. The services provided will include, but not be limited to; Commercial & Residential, Dry Cleaning, all types of linens (aprons, uniforms, table linens, drapes, towels, rugs, bed linens and comforters), pressing, wash/dry/fold service and VIP guest services.

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