Local leaders talk future of beach building

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The Town of Longboat Key hosted the Sarasota County Council of Governments meeting on Thursday.

Representatives from the City of North Port, City of Sarasota, City of Venice, Sarasota Memorial Hospital Board, the Sarasota-Manatee Airport Authority, Sarasota County School Board, Sarasota County and the Town of Longboat Key all met to give updates and offer feedback regarding the current events in their respective organizations. The following are some highlights from the meeting:


City of Sarasota

The City of Sarasota conveyed that at the June 25 commission meeting, the commissioners would be discussing relocation of the symphony and the Van Wezel with respect to the Bayfront Plan.

The City of Sarasota representatives also stated that the Bobby Jones Golf Course would also be on the agenda for discussion, and that plans are in the works for restoration of all 45 holes. The representatives stated that so far the public has been strongly supportive of the restoration of the golf course as they have voiced in community workshops. One of the Sarasota County officials asked why the golf course could not simply be 18 holes and save the space, however the City Officials answered that Bobby Jones Golf Course is a nature preserve that absorbs water runoff from Phillipi Creek so it has to remain the size it is. The golf course is an environmental necessity, and the City of Sarasota says it wants to keep it as a profitable one, which it has been until recent years. Representatives also pointed out that the city had received approval for the Lido Beach Renourishment project.


City of Venice

The representatives for the City of Venice reported that Venice High School is the State Champions in swimming and wrestling. They also requested discussion and input on the sharing of resources and assets within the council specifically when sharing the costs of beach renourishment mobilization. One of the representatives suggested that if the cities and county did the renourishments as a coordinated effort, the costs could be lessened. The mobilization of the equipment in the start up costs he felt could bring a substantial savings if all cities and Sarasota County coordinated to do their beach renourishments around the same time.


SRQ Airport

The Airport representative informed everyone that the airport had acquired a new route out west through Dallas/Ft. Worth. He also stated flights increased at the airport and are expected to increase 40 percent by September. The airline Allegiant has also been signed on to have flights coming to Sarasota/Bradenton Airport.


Sarasota Memorial Hospital

The representative for Sarasota Memorial Hospital discussed how the new Venice Hospital will be moving forward.

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