Sarasota shooting suspect same man who donated $200K to LBK Police

Sarasota Police have arrested 25-year-old Ryan Flanzer after he fired three rounds from his semi-automatic pistol into a condominium unit at 1350 Main in Downtown Sarasota on May 5.


Flanzer was released after posting a $7,500 bond and was charged with firing a weapon into a dwelling. There were no injuries.

Sarasota Police located Flanzer with the help of video recordings that caught footage showing the shooter approaching 1350 Main wearing tactical clothing and reportedly a badge. Police say he told the front desk at 1350 Main that he was a process server and was granted access and proceeded up the elevator.

The incident presents irony in that Flanzer earlier this year donated a check for $234,216 to the Longboat Key Police Department to specifically enhance Police cruiser laptops.

In fact, the Longboat Key Police Department has promised Flanzer and plans to install a plaque with his name at the Police Department in honor of his financial contribution.

Flanzer is the grandson of former Longboat Key residents Gloria and Louis Flanzer. Gloria and Louis Flanzer were noted philanthropists in the Sarasota Community.

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