On Patrol Longboat Key – Week ending April 27, 2018

April 23


2:23 p.m.

Officer Smith was dispatched to Roundtree Drive for a report of a fraud in progress. The complainant stated while using her computer a number appeared on the screen and indicated that information would be lost if she did not call an 800 number. The complainant stated she called the number and was informed by a subject that he worked for Microsoft that there was an issue with her computer. The man had the complainant go to  a website and gave remote access to her computer. The man indicated he needed $250 to fix the issue. The man instructed the complainant to purchase Google pre-paid cards and give him the card PIN numbers. The complainant stated she went and purchased the cards but became suspicious and called law enforcement. Upon arrival, the complainant was on the phone with the man, Officer Smith spoke briefly with the subject who was insistent on speaking with the complainant again. The complainant indicated she did not want to speak with the man and hung up. Officer Smith advised the complainant to take her computer to a professional and have the viruses removed. Officer Smith explained similar scams and advised her to contact law enforcement if she has any questions about an incident being a possible scam. No money was lost during the incident.


April 24

Civil disturbance

9:12 a.m.

Officer Nazareno responded to Longboat Club Road for a civil disturbance call. Upon arrival, Officer Nazareno made contact with the complainant who stated he got into an argument with the President of the condominium. The complainant stated that he was walking his service dog in the morning of April 24 when he noticed the President following him around and recording him with his cell phone. He further stated that the President approached him and said, “I hope you’re picking up after your dog.” A heated argument soon followed. The complainant also said that he felt that the President was attempting to provoke him and his service dog to lose their tempers to make him appear to be mentally unstable to the residents that don’t personally know him. Officer Nazareno advised the complainant to keep his interactions with the President civil and avoid confrontation whenever possible. The President was not present at the location, but Officer Nazareno was able to contact him via cell phone. The President stated that he oversees both common areas of Longboat Club Road. Over the past week numerous bags containing dog feces were found under the bushes in between the buildings and suspected that the complainant could have possibly left them there instead of placing htem in the dumpster or trash can. He approached the complainant when he saw him walking his dog and told him, “I hope you’re picking up after your dog,” which made the complainant lose his temper. The President stated that the complainant was cursing at him, but did not make any threats to harm him. The President did mention that he was concerned that the complainant could harm him or other employees due to his unstable behavior. Officer Nazareno also advised the President to keep his interactions with the complainant civil and to avoid confrontation whenever possible. It should also be noted that the complainant appeared to b of sound mind and did not exhibit any behavior that would indicate being a danger to himself or others during the investigation. Both parties stated that they both have numerous disagreements in the past.


Suspicious circumstance

4:08 p.m.

Officer Bergeron responded to 5800 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in regard to an open front door. Upon arrival, he contacted the caller. The caller advised that the open front door was observed around 11:30 a.m. but it was not called in to police. She advised that she noticed the door still open when leaving the beach. The caller advised that she decided to call in the open door in to police. Officer Bergeron and Officer Nazareno checked the interior/exterior of the residence and found no evidence of foul play. The front door was open approximately 18 inches. The door did not have any indications that it had been pried. Officer Bergeron contacted the home rental manager to inform her to check the interior for anything that may be missing or out of the ordinary.


April 25

Noise disturbance

7:28 p.m.

Officer Bidwell was dispatched to 6300 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in reference to a complaint of construction noise after 5 p.m. Officer Bidwell made contact with a woman who is the event promoter for a wedding party on the property on the evening of April 27. The promoter had a construction crew putting up a temporary building to host the event. Officer Bidwell advised her that unless she had a variance from the town manager advising construction was allowed after 5 p.m. she would have to have the crew cease work. The promoter said she would cease work immediately.

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