On Patrol Longboat Key – Week ending May 4, 2018

May 1

Suspicious circumstance

11:43 a.m.

Sgt. Smith responded to the Mobil Gas Station for a suspicious incident. The complainant reported that there may be a possible skimming device on the northwest pump. The complainant did not want to meet with law enforcement. Sgt. Smith checked all the gas pumps with the manager. They did not find any skimming devices or anything suspicious. All the pumps had been inspected in the morning and they all had red stickers on them verifying they had been checked. Sgt. Smith left two voice mail messages on both of the phone numbers provided to ask the complainant why he felt there may have been a skimming device.


Dog on beach

12:33 p.m.

Officer Ascencio was on patrol of the Longboat Pass Bridge when he observed a dog running on the beach. Officer Ascencio was able to find the owner of the dog and informed him of the town ordinance. He stated he came up by boat and was beached on the east end of the island. He stated he did not see a sign until he walked to the north end of the island. He stated he would leave. There isn’t a sign advising of the ordinance on the east side of the island.


Public Service

9:27 p.m.

Officer Bidwell was dispatched to General Harris Street in reference to a construction dumpster parked on the roadway at night with no cones or markets. Officer Bidwell located the dumpster near General Harris and saw one very small, non reflective orange cone at the eastern end of the dumpster. Due to the late hour, Officer Bidwell went to the Public Works yard and located two large reflective cones and a plastic barrier with a flashing light on top. Officer Bidwell placed one reflective cone at each end of the dumpster and placed the flashing barrier across the street from the dumpster to warn all oncoming traffic of the hazard.


May 2

The case of the missing toilet

12:26 a.m.

Officer Bergeron responded to 4200 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in regard to a report of a stolen toilet. Upon arrival, he spoke with the property maintenance person. The maintenance person advised that on April 23, a plumbing company was contracted to clean out a sewer drain line in a public bathroom. The maintenance person believed that an employee from the plumbing company took a new toilet from their garage storage and instead of installing it in the bathroom, re-installed the old toilet. The maintenance person believes that the employee kept the toilet. Officer Bergeron spoke with another maintenance person who advised that he also observed the plumber remove the toilet from the garage, but left the old toilet without installing the new one. Officer Bergeron asked the maintenance person if the plumber was supposed to install a new toilet in the bathroom. He advised that he just thought he was since he got the new toilet. Officer Bergeron asked the maintenance person if she or anyone contacted the plumbing agency. She said no. Officer Bergeron contacted the plumbing company and spoke to the supervisor and asked him about the work that was done. He advised that his employee was to remove the old toilet, clean out the drain lines, then re-install the old toilet. He advised that the inn should check the bill which would reflect this information. Officer Bergeron asked the maintenance person to show him where the remaining toilet was. She was able to show him a new Glacier Bay toilet combo in a storage closet. Officer Bergeron asked her where this toilet was to be installed, and she said by one of the unit owners. The property maintenance person was asked by the officer if they could look inside the unit in case the missing toilet was placed inside. She advised that the owner was not there, but they could look inside. Officer Bergeron checked the bathroom and found a brand new Glacier Bay toilet that looked recently installed. The maintenance person advised that she was unaware that this work had been done and that there must have been a miscommunication with the property management. Nothing further.


May 3

Suspicious vehicle

12:40 a.m.

Officer Nagell responded to the Recreation Center in reference to a suspicious vehicle. While in the area of Bayfront Park, Sgt. Schoepfer and Officer Nagell observed a vehicle in the south parking lot of the park. A check of the beach was negative for anyone, however, they located the subjects on the town dock on the east side of the property. Officers advised the three subjects that the park was closed and they needed to leave. The officers escorted them back to their car and they left the area without incident, after a computer check revealed no wants or warrants. Case closed.

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