On Patrol Longboat Key – Week ending May 25, 2018

The following are actual police reports as written by Longboat Key Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

May 19

Suspicious circumstance

7:29 a.m.

Officer Ascencio responded to Longboat Club Road on a report that someone threw dog excrement into the pool. Upon arrival, Officer Ascencio met with the complainant who stated that sometime overnight someone threw dog excrement into the south end of the pool. She stated that pool hours are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. She stated that she does have an idea who would do such a thing but no proof. She further stated that the condominium complex has been having problems with a man who is not cleaning up after his dog. Officer Ascencio then spoke to the witness who said she has seen the man clean up after his dog and then leave the bag under a bush. She said the last time was Thursday, May 17 at 8 a.m.  Officer Ascencio did see several spotso nt he pool floor of what could have been excrement. Officer Ascencio informed the complainant that the department would make directed patrols of the area more often. Officer Ascencio also advised her that the pool man was on his way to clean the pool. Officer Ascencio then spoke with the complainant at his condo. When confronted about the bag under the bush, he stated that he did it because the condo does not provide a proper receptacle. He then revised his story and denied leaving the bag. The dog owner denied putting anything including excrement in the pool. Officer Ascencio informed him that it was illegal to not clean up after the dog properly.


May 20

Unsecured boat

8:52 a.m.

Sgt. Smith responded to Broadway in reference to a sailboat that was adrift in the water behind the Linley Street boat ramp. The complainant was concerned that the sailboat was going to run into his boat or another boat. Contact was made by telephone with the owner of the adrift boat. The complainant stated he would be out this day to anchor his boat.


Accidental fencing

2:28 p.m.

Officer Vogt responded to Halyard Lane in reference to a property damage call. Upon arrival, Officer Vogt spoke to a worker from a fence company who said he accidentally installed a fence at the address instead of another address. Officer Vogt spoke to the homeowner, and advised him that the installer of the fence agreed to repair any damage to the homeowner’s travertine tiles. The homeowner and fence installer were both given a case number.


Public service

8:50 p.m.

Sgt. Coffman while on patrol, observed a man walking northbound in the southbound bike lane of Gulf of Mexico Drive. He appeared to be wet as if he had been caught in the rain. Sgt. Coffman stopped and got out with the man and asked if he was alright. He said he was and that he was walking home because he did not realize the bus wasn’t running. He said he lived at an address on Bradenton Beach. Sgt. Coffman offered to give him a ride to get him out of the rain and he accepted. Sgt. Coffman informed dispatch that he was giving the man a ride. Sgt. Coffman took him to the Circle K just north of the traffic circle in Bradenton Beach where he said he would walk the rest of the way to his residence.


Dog on beach

9:18 p.m.

Sgt. Coffman responded to 5800 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive for a report of a dog on the beach. Upon arrival, Sgt. Coffman met with the complainant w ho stated that a man and a woman had been on the beach in front of his residence with a dog, possibly an Australian Shepherd. They left the beach before Sgt. Coffman arrived. The complainant stated that he sees them often at sunset with the dog and believe they live somewhere in the neighborhood. Sgt. Coffman checked Gulf of Mexico Drive in both directions of his residence and was unable to locate the couple with the dog.


May 21

Suspicious circumstance

10:19 a.m.

Officer Nazareno responded to 7000 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in reference of a suspicious incident. Upon arrival, he made contact with the complainant who stated he found two bone fragments that could possibly be of human origin. The complainant found the bone fragments while he was picking up sea shells with his wife at the beach area behind Gulfside Road. Officer Nazareno then drove with the complainant back to the area where he found the bone fragments to check if there were more bone fragments buried in the sand. Officer Nazareno’s search for bone fragments in the area yielded negative results. Sgt. Smith and Detective Smith were notified and responded on scene. Photographs of the bone fragments were taken and sent to the Medical Examiner’s Office. The physician examined the photographs and determined that the bone fragments were not human bones.


Parking complaint

12:11 p.m.

Officer Nazareno responded to the police station for a parking complaint. Upon arrival, Officer Nazareno made contact with the complainant who stated that landscaping trucks illegally park on the grass in front of the residence on a daily basis blocking the view of vehicles making a turn from Tarawitt Drive onto Gulf of Mexico Drive. The complainant further stated that his neighbors at Tarawitt Drive had also voiced the same complaint to him and that the trucks illegally parked there pose a great safety risk to the residents attempting to turn from Tarawitt Drive to Gulf of Mexico Drive. Officer Nazareno also advised the complainant to call for police service whenever he sees a parking violation and will forward the complaint to the chain of command and other police officers requesting that the day shift pay special attention to the area. It should also be noted that Officer Nazareno checked the 5600 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive four times, but did not observe any parking violations prior to receiving this call.


Boat not recognized

12:29 p.m.

Officer Reno was contacted by Longboat Key Police front desk to check on a vessel moored at Sands Point Marina. Officer Reno spoke with management there who explained there was a boat that was not recognized moored in a members slip. They attempted to contact the owner of the vessel who is a charter captain out of Bradenton. He explained that he was on the charter and left his boat in the slip and took the owner of the slips boat with the owner to go fishing. Officer Reno asked him to relay to the owner that in the future he might wasn’t to let management know when there will be other boats in his slip to avoid further confusion.



3:33 p.m.

Officer Nazareno responded to Longboat Drive North for a parking complaint call which involved a construction van with a trailer illegally parked in the street and a storage POD parked in the driveway for an extended period of time. Upon arrival, Officer Nazareno observed the construction van being moved by the owner. The owner parked the van and trailer on the private lot and had started to load his tools into the van due to the heavy rain. Officer Nazareno also advised the owner to refrain from parking on the roadway when he is working in the house. The owner also provided Officer Nazareno with the homeowner’s information and phone number. Officer Nazareno then made contact with the homeowner via cell phone and explained to him the restriction on parking and use of portable storage units in which he cannot park a portable storage unit for more than five consecutive days in a 30-day period on a private driveway. The homeowner further advised that he will make the necessary arrangements to empty and remove the storage unit within five days of this complaint. A copy of the town ordinance was left at the location for the homeowner. Nothing further.

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