Fleetwood files to overturn St. Regis approval

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Rendering of the St. Regis.

The Colony property rights and ownership battle rages on with the approval last month to allow a St. Regis Hotel and Residences now challenged in Circuit Court.

Blake Fleetwood, who owns two of the original 237 Colony units, vowed the day that the Town Commission approved the plan that he would sue because he said that the applicant, Unicorp, did not have the authority of all of the owners.

Unicorp was granted approval to build 74 luxury condominiums and 166 St. Regis hotel rooms on the site.

The Town is also undergoing a condemnation process in order to compel the demolition of the site, which has been deemed unsafe.

But Fleetwood and his attorney Dan Loebeck filed a Writ of Certiorari last week asking the court to review the issue and reverse the Town’s approval.

It all comes down to Fleetwood and Loebeck arguing that the Town did not follow its own rules and application of its rules primarily in allowing the Planned Unit Development application to move forward.

The Writ of Certiorari also states that the Town through approving the Land Use changes and site plan is allowing Unicorp “to demolish Petitioner’s property…”

The historic Colony Beach & Tennis Resort operated for more than 40 years before closing in August of 2010. The operation was managed by Murf Klauber who had the right to rent the units as tourism units and owners could stay for 30 days per year. The Association of Unit Owners has designated Chuck Whittall and Unicorp as its Acting Agent and chosen development partner and maintains that Unicorp has full authority to redevelop the site and negotiate the project for the owners.

Fleetwood is fighting the authority of Unicorp and hopes the Judge agrees with his attorney’s argument that essentially says the Town got its laws wrong.

Town Attorney Maggie Mooney-Portale will respond within a month on behalf of the Town, before the Writ is heard by a Judge.

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